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Here some very good stuff about community-building for your online business. Great points and great advice, including an awesome infographic.


I recommend this content for any small business online trying to establish greater reputation and crediblity for itself, as these are in my opinion, the key winning traits of successful web companies.


Excerpted from the original SEOmoz article:
"It's not that SEO is dead or that links are obsolete, or whatever all that crazy talk is that's been going around.

It's that there's a way to integrate all the pieces into the big picture of building a better company by building an online community around it.

There are lots of benefits to building a community around your company, but if I had to choose a few, here are my top five:
1. It will help you weather Google’s algorithms;
2. It will add equity and value to your business;
3. It will help you have purpose;
4. It will help you stand out;
5. It will put the focus on goals, not tools.

*Some key points extracted from the article:

[2] Elect your team.
Here’s a few tips for getting the right team in place so that you can start working toward achieving your goals:
1) Understand the roles;
2) Elect, don’t just assign;
3) Work together as one, big, happy family;

[4] Empower your team.
Do not skip this step.
I repeat. This step is important.
You can empower your team for success by addressing a few simple questions:
1) Why are we doing this?
2) How much work is involved?
3) When will we see results?

[6] Create value.
...Value that focuses on your customer and their experience is what attracts people to your business, your brand, and your community.
Foundational content is the more static stuff on your website...
The challenge with foundational content is to listen to your customer. Observe their needs, the things in life that they struggle with, and then communicate how your products or services address those things.
..It’s the content that is less about what you do and more about what you know.

[7] *Curate* (to create value) *before* you Share.
It works like this: 80% of the time, share other people’s great stuff. But don’t just retweet it or hit the share button and place it on your feed. Read it. Internalize it. And then curate it. Tell people why it’s good. This helps you learn and also keeps the focus where it belongs: on the value that you're providing for the reader."



Must-read. Right on the mark. 8/10

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