Firefighters deliver donated presents to Florida family left homeless by fire | Firefighters deliver donated presents to family left homeless by fire |

Osceola County -- Amy Logsdon, her two sons and her husband said they have something to celebrate this Christmas – the love and support from the community. In just two days, hundreds of donations have filled the lobby of the St. Cloud Fire Station #31.


The Logsdons were asleep when an electrical fire started in the attic. In just minutes, the fire spread throughout their home and destroyed everything. The family was asleep when the fire broke out but a good Samaritan driving by saw flames shooting out of the home and banged on the door. He woke up the family and firefighters said he saved their lives. Their home had no working smoke detectors.


"It's a miracle that we're here,” Logsdon said. “It's even a bigger miracle how the community has pulled together and really helped us and lifted us through this really hard time."


"We're usually there on the worst day of their lives,” said Lt. Brian Nadler, of the St. Cloud fire department. Nadler was one of the firefighters who responded to the scene of the fire Sunday. “It's actually pretty nice to go there on a good day in their lives like right now, when we can actually bring Christmas to their house."


The family said a realtor even offered a rent-free home for six months. For now, the Logsdons are staying with family. And as 5-year-old Jackson, who has autism, and 13-year-old Zavier open up presents under the Christmas tree, they finally had something to smile about...


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