Filmed In Utah: Filmed in Utah Season 2 starts filming! | Filmed In Utah |

When Warren Workman started Filmed in Utah it was a spur of the moment thing back in December 2011. Workman noticed that no one was promoting any local shows, except for the filmmakers themselves.

So Workman powered up his webcam in his tiny home office, chatting for about 2 minutes and showcased local filmmakers films.

Filmed in Utah was born.

The show has evolved over the past months. The 5 minute video became a weekly 30 min show. The entire show is available ever week on YouTube and on 6 other channels throughout the state, including Comcast.

Workman has been featured on television, news and radio programs and has spoken at highschool and college events across the state promoting filmmakers and the film industry in Utah.

Filmed in Utah has begun filming season 2 in Provo Utah at Rock Canyon Studios. The format of the show still includes interviewing local filmmakers in the state. New elements are also being added to the show including "Know Your Role" which explains the different jobs on a film set.

Filmed in Utah has grown so much they are looking for volunteer crews to help produce the show. If you would like to intern on Filmed in Utah please send an email to

Episodes of Filmed in Utah can been found online at