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Understanding & Overcoming Fear

Understanding & Overcoming Fear | Fear | Scoop.it
The different types of fear, such as fear of rejection, success and failure. How to overcome fear and stop it controlling your life using a variety of simple techniques & strategies.
alexa peltier's insight:

- Main purpose for fear is to alert your attention to, or prepare you

  for something that could harm or hurt you.

- When you're born you are born with two inbuilt fears.They are in DNA.

  1. loud noises  2. fear of falling

-  Fear is caused by something that has happened before, so when

   you develope a fear to something you are just trying to avoid the same


-  External fear ( ex: spiders etc.) some bad experience so you learn to fear.

-  Internal fear can be generalized as a form of low self esteem. Triggered by

   external factors that create internal feelings of self doubt.

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Phobias and Fears: Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help

Phobias and Fears: Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help | Fear | Scoop.it
Is a phobia keeping you from doing things you'd like to do? Learn how phobias can be managed and cured.
alexa peltier's insight:

- Fears may help us in certain situations, but if we start to avoid certain

  situations because the fear is more than just being scared, it becomes a

  phobia. And when it becomes phobia, you begin to miss out on so much.

- Physical signs of fear/phobia = difficulty breathing, tightend chest,

  shaking etc.

- Emotional signs of fear/phobia = feeling overwhelmed, anxious, feeling the

  need to escape etc.

- The time for help to cure a fear/phobia is when it begins to make you

  change your ways because you are trying to avoid what scares you.

- Some common fears of others include: spiders, snakes, heights, needles,

   speaking in front of crowds etc.

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How to Conquer Fear: 4 Mental Tricks

You can't be successful if you're ruled by fear. Here's how I reprogrammed my brain to be more courageous.
alexa peltier's insight:

- 1. Value courage over security 2. Differentiate between fear & prudence

  3. Treat fear as a call to action 4. Reframe fear into excitement

- Replace security with courage. Rather then clinging to what comforts

  you, find the courage to succeed with something new.

- To be prudent is a good thing, but know the different between being

  prudent and trying to avoid your fear.

- If what you fear is not in our control, find ways to adapt, but if it is in

  our control and we are to scared.. we must face it and concur that fear.

  Not let it scare us to the point we just try to void the situation.

- Life without fear and the courage to face it, would be pretty dull. However

  since there is fear, we must go head and make some fun out of it

  (depending situation:example:roller coaster).

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Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure | Fear | Scoop.it
The latest research on fear of failure and procrastination.
alexa peltier's insight:

- People who feel more energetic and more self determinded

  are less likely to procrastinate.

- Self determination theory is a general theory of motavation.

- When people fear failure they will be more likely to procrastinate.

- Acoording to the article fear of the future and tasks we must complete

  are not related to predict whether someone procrastinates or not.

- Scores on the measures of autonomy, competence, relatedness, and

  vitality were strongly related to lower scores on two different  measures of procrastination.

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Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias | Fear | Scoop.it
Fear is a normal human reaction that protects us by signaling danger and preparing us to deal with it. Get the facts about fears and phobias and what causes them.
alexa peltier's insight:

- Fear is said to be a survival instinct.

- Fear reaction is activated instantly unlike our thinking part of the brain.

- Fears turn into phobias if they are unable to be overcome.

- The amygdala keeps track of experiences that may have happened

  and trigger for you to have certain emotions in certain situations

- The first way to over come your fears are by making a list and begining

  to face them. Some may have more difficult doing so, but there is help

  out there for that.

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What is Fear & the Causes of Fears - Ways of Overcoming Fear Naturally

What is Fear & the Causes of Fears - Ways of Overcoming Fear Naturally | Fear | Scoop.it
What is Fear and What Are the Causes of Fear? Information on the Different Types of Fear and Ways of Overcoming Fear Naturally.
alexa peltier's insight:

- Fear is preprogrammed as an instinctual response to potential danger.

- During a specific situation protective mechanisms increase to help our


- Some fear can help us improve ourselves (ex:speech in front of group).

- Excessive fears can interfere with our daily lives if we are not in control.

- Future oriented fears are known as anxiety.


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HowStuffWorks "How Fear Works"

HowStuffWorks "How Fear Works" | Fear | Scoop.it
Fear is the brain\'s reaction to a stimulus where chemicals are released that raise the heart rate. Learn about fear and the different fear responses.
alexa peltier's insight:

- Starts with stressful stimulus in the brain and ends with release of 

  chemicals that cause your heart to race, fast breathing, muscles

  becoming energized.

- Fear response is almost all autonomic ( meaning dont really know whats

  happening until something happens, then we respond).

- Thalamus, sensory cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, and hypothalamus

  are the main parts of the brain (according to article) that play certain roles

  during fear,

- Fear response has two paths. 1.low road(quick and messy: take no

  chances) 2. high road(takes more time and delivers a more precise 

  interpretation of events.

- Without fear, we would not survive long.

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