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We Put 700 Red Dots On A Map

We Put 700 Red Dots On A Map | Fantastic Maps |

"Some statistics can be so unbelievable, or deal with concepts so vast, that it’s impossible to wrap our heads around them. The human mind can only do so much to visualize an abstract idea, and often misses much of its impact in the translation. Sometimes you just need to step back and take a good, long look for yourself.  That’s why we just put 700 red dots on a map.

The dots don’t represent anything in particular, nor is their number and placement indicative of any kind of data. But when you’re looking at them, all spread out on a map of the United States like that—it’s hard not to be a little blown away."


Seth Dixon's insight:

This flippant article is still and insightful critique of mapping overload in the media.

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