Red Bull's Branding Lessons For Personal Branding via Curatti | Family Office & UHNW - Empowering Family Dynasties |

This post is about the branding journey from Tide in 1958 to Red Bull now with one inescapable conclusion - We Are All Media Companies Now. What are implications of Red Bull's branding lessons for personal branding?

* Create community, don't try and create a "personal brand" on your own (and yes we realize that sounds strange).
* Find VISUAL and DYNAMIC ways to discuss your personal brand.
* Use recognizable logos that are relevant to your personal brand.
* Look for the AWESOME and OUTSTANDING and then take a risk and DO IT.
* More risk in being boring than taking risks.

Create community, get visual (pictures, graphics, video) riff recognizable relevant logos and take risks since the  biggest risk is not taking risks.