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Jeff Bullas wrote this piece and as always, he gives you some great ideas on how to strategically use content that adresses the needs of your audience.

He refers to blogging but the same applies when you're curating content and using 10 different addictive types of content that attracts readership like a magnet. 

This is when:

**You're providing solutions through content that addresses their pain points 

**When you consistently add your knowledge and expertise to the mix, you can become the "Go To Portal" for your subscribers.


"One thing to keep in mind is that every business or reader has day to day challenges and problems that they want help in solving. Helping people find solutions and ideas is an easy way to provide addictive content"

Here are a few addictive content types.

**When you look at these and the others, be thinking about ways you can use these themes to find and curate content for your audience.

Mega Lists

**A long list of tips, tactics and answers that provide people with a resource that maps out many ideas that they can go back to as a reference have proven to work well.


**The latest research provides signposts for future planning and validates and lends credibility to strategies.

**Research does need to be presented with well formatted articles that allow skimming and scanning for “time poor” excecutives!

****Bullet points, screen shots and subtitles are all important elements to provide easy reading.

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