Exclusive Teaching Resources for Business Communication Instructors
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Exclusive Teaching Resources for Business Communication Instructors
This online magazine is the creation of Bovee and Thill, the authors of the best-selling college textbooks in business communication for more than 25 years and the recognized leaders in digital communication, social media, and mobile business communication. These resources focus on a wide variety of media, including videos, PowerPoints, infographics, PDFs, podcasts, and websites (including interactive and social media), covering every conceivable topic in business communication, so you can keep your course fresh and up to date. For more information about Bovee and Thill's texts and the exclusive, superior coverage they give to all aspects of business communication, visit http://blog.businesscommunicationblog.com. For instructor examination copies, go to http://blog.businesscommunicationnetwork.com/texts. To find your local sales representative, visit http://www.pearsonhighered.com/educator/replocator. To contact the authors, send an email to hotline@boveeandthillbusinesscommunicationblog.com. To see A Comprehensive Guide to Business Communication Instructional Resources, visit http://blog.businesscommunicationnetwork.com/resources. Subscribe to a free weekly newsletter of new posts to all 11 of Bovee & Thill's Online Magazines: http://sco.lt/8kgeVV.
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Can Your Business Communication Textbook Pass This Google Test? (See test below.)

Can Your Business Communication Textbook Pass This Google Test? (See test below.) | Exclusive Teaching Resources for Business Communication Instructors | Scoop.it
Bovee & Thill's Online Business Communication Magazines's insight:


Social media are revolutionizing business communication—even companies that don't use these tools yet are affected by new audience behaviors and expectations.

Is your business communication textbook informed by real-life, hands-on experience with social media? We invite you to try a simple experiment.

1. Google the following keywords: Bovee Thill social media


How many results do you see?

2. Now search for social media along with the names of the authors of your current text.


How do the results compare with the Bovee and Thill search?

Which authors' names do you see associated with social media sites, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, SlideShare, SlideBoom, Authorstream, StumbleUpon, Scribd, Bag the Web, About.Me, Twylah,  Scoop.it, Skype, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, Tumblr, BombBomb, PRLog, Symbaloo, Storify, Plaxo, Bovee and Thill's Business Communication Blog, Business Communication Headline News, Instapaper, and YouTube?

The answer: You'll see Bovee and Thill associated with dozens of social media sites, including the 34 sites mentioned above. All other business communication authors: practically none.

The reason for this discrepancy is that Bovee and Thill use the social media tools they write about, and they've been active and innovative practitioners for years now. This deep experience is reflected in their textbooks, with thoroughly integrated coverage of social media practices and dozens of real-world social media cases and student exercises. For other authors, social media appear to be largely an abstract concept.

Which textbooks would you and your students benefit from the most?

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See Bovee & Thill's Seven Online Magazines for Business Communication | Exclusive Teaching Resources for Business Communication Instructors | Scoop.it

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Exclusive Teaching Resources for Business Communication Instructors


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