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Color theory is the art and science of colors, our understanding of how colors mix, how people perceive colors, and the message the colors communicate. Are you aware that colors impact how one thinks and behaves? In fact, color ads attract 42 percent more attention than those in black and white. This holds true even outside the realm of social media and into print marketing. Prospects hold on to colored business cards 10 times longer than standard white cards.

Why Is Color Theory Important to Content and Social Media Campaigns?
When a prospect’s eyes meet a particular color, they immediately send a message to the brain. After a nanosecond of processing the information, the individual makes a judgment about what they see. They may be interested, bored, or repulsed.

Great marketers wind up testing multiple visuals to find the best option. However, this can’t begin without an understanding of the benefits of color theory in marketing.

Via Jeff Domansky