CEA Affiliate Week: The LIVING Logic Model: A Logic Model Plugged Into Real-Time Data by Amelia Kohm – AEA365 | Evaluación de Políticas Públicas - Actualidad y noticias | Scoop.it

Hello! I am Amelia Kohm, founder of Data Viz for Nonprofits, a consulting firm that helps organizations to better use and show their data through charts, maps, and graphs. My work is all about making data accessible and reducing the journey from data to action. And one way to do that is with a living logic model. Wherever I turn in the evaluation world, I find logic models. Also called a causal chain, roadmap, theory of change, and some other names too, a logic model is just a humble flow chart with an erudite name. It tells a story about how one thing leads to another and is a great way to plan for solving a problem. But logic models are hypothetical, best case scenarios. And, well, reality can bite. Another problem with logic models is that they often get more play during the planning and proposal-writing phase of a project than during implementation. During the daily work of a project, logic models are taking it easy, gathering dust in files and on servers. (...)"