Strategic question - outsource 'non core' activities? | entrepreneurship |

Outsourcing is a topic synonymous with a changing world. It is increasingly common for companies to concentrate on what they do best and hire others to do what they do better.

Even the modern workplace is being redefined, hence the rise of the ‘Virtual office’. This is where workers from outside the company are present in a location. Normally just to answer the phone, handle the mail when needed. It could be Doha in Qatar, or Medellin in Colombia, the possibilities are worldwide.

The benefit is it allows a small company to gain a presence in a county without having to invest large amounts on property or legal fees. It's quick, cheap and flexible to implement. It gives the option to have a prestigious address in a business district without paying a fortune.

Of course, there are questions to how practical this is in reality. Sometimes its better to have your own, dedicated staff who really know the business inside out.