Storytelling: the Art of Web Development | Enterprise Social Media |

"In the end, a successful website has a narrative. We can tell something about who the users are that the site is targeting. We can understand what those users can gain by having an experience in the product. The navigation, tools, tone, and environment should support the user and their quest.


While short on specifics or examples, this article is still a good reminder that business websites need an overarching narrative and stories embedded within.


I do like how the author discusses creating customer scenarios so you can craft the website narrative with confidence.  When the author says, "Defining these story arches...." I'm not sure if he means 'story arcs' or 'story archetypes' but both are important.


Since I am once again embarking on re-doing my website (ay yi yi), I'm going to be designing it using all the tools available to me: stories & storytelling, overal narrative, scenarios, and archetypes. But this will take awhile so don't expect anything overnight :)"

Via Dr. Karen Dietz, Martin (Marty) Smith