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This piece was written by Lauren Johnson for Mobile Marketer I have rescooped this from my other topic, Mobile Marketing Strategy and Beyond because I think there are some suggestions that B2B content marketers might want to think about.


One of the most obvious is, if brands are using Pinterest, they need to have two main focuses - mobile and search.


Is your site optimized for mobile? Is there a way you can repurpose your content to keep your audience engaged, wherever they are and keep them coming back for more?




Pinterest is quickly becoming a social media star for brands and retailers to showcase and share their products with a reported tenfold increase in traffic over the past six months.


Here are some highlights that caught my attention:


**Given the site's value on sharing content one-on-one relationships is an example of how a retailer can tie an in-store experience to Pinterest


**"Brands need to set an example for users to engage with them while they are experiencing the brand" Kerri Smith iProspect


**Once a user pins something, they can tap on it to view more infomation about it via the web, making a mobile-optimized web site crucial to keep mobile Pinterest users engaged with content.


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