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The future of Siri and Apple's services | iMore.com

The future of Siri and Apple's services | iMore.com | Enhancements | Scoop.it

It's been over a year now since Siri launched alongside the iPhone 4S in October of 2011. When I first saw Siri, it seemed to have enormous potential as: 1) A natural language interface that may one day do to multitouch and graphics was they did to the command line; 2) thanks to that interface, a way for Apple to intermediate and broker search away from Google and towards parter content; and 3) by virtue of that intermediation and brokerage, a gateway into customer insight analytics.

On the client side, I've enjoyed the type of results Siri delivers enough, both in terms of content and presentation, to wish Apple would: 1) hook it into Spotlight so I could still use it when talking would be impossible or inappropriate, or the natural language parser wasn't available; and 2) fix it so the natural language parser wasn't so frequently unavailable. (Purple-dot-purple-dot-purple-dot-nothing is the mouse only randomly getting food.)

Since then, Apple has brokered deals for sports, restaurant, and movie knowledge bases in Siri, including the ability to start table reservations and, soon, movie ticket purchases right from within the service. However, also since then, Google has launched their competing Google Now service. And Google knows services the way Apple knows hardware and software. It offers on-device voice parsing, Google's industry-leading backend infrastructure, and goes a step beyond Siri by attempting to predictively provide information and answer questions before you even ask them.

Now, Apple has started hiring people away from Amazon to help with the service and, in the wake of a management re-ogranization, Siri has been given to Apple's "fixer", senior vice-president Eddy Cue to help set, or reset, its course going forward.

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Coursera | Enhancements | Scoop.it
We are a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.
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Offers awesome courses with great quality for free!

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10 Things Every Smartphone App Needs To Be A Top-Seller

10 Things Every Smartphone App Needs To Be A Top-Seller | Enhancements | Scoop.it

The world of iPhone, Android and iPad apps today is an extremely competitive one. With 1000′s of applications available, how do you set your app apart from the rest?

The following is a summary of the 10 things every top-selling iPhone, Android & iPad app needs to be successful.

It Needs Superior Performance

Probably the most important factor in having a top-selling app is the performance. Developers must take ample time testing and retesting the app for problems that arise before putting it out on the market. Under no circumstances should an app be put out on the market with performance problems. An app that works great and uses very little battery and cpu power is sure to shine.

Checkout uTest.com for a community of experts who can test your app and send improvement ideas your way.

You Need A Creative Marketing Plan

Once your well-tested app is developed, you must create a unique yet effective marketing plan. Become well versed on what your top competitors have in common and use this to your advantage to create a plan that separates you from the rest. The use of advertising and technology can work hand in hand to create the proper amount of buzz.

Don’t forget about tried and true measures such as press releases. You may also want to fire up a Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Account and start following people in your targeted audience.

Your App Must Be Compatible

In order to have a top-selling app you must create an application that is completely compatible with the platform that it is developed for. Being sure to tailor the features and characteristics for each specific platform will help make users comfortable in using your app, thus increasing your popularity and sales.

You Must Have SEO and ASO Optimization

You cannot underestimate the importance of SEO and ASO optimization. Over half of downloads for apps come from individuals performing a keyword search. Be thoughtful in your app store description and use quality images in order to achieve top store rankings. Don’t forget to optimize your keywords for use on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Your App Must Have A Fast Loading Time

In a society of fast is better, app users do not want to wait for an application to load. When developing your app, aim for under 5 seconds of loading time. This will keep users engaged and avoid complaints of long wait times.

You Must Integrate Social Media

There are millions of social media users at any given time. This gives you direct access to these individuals that can help get the word out about your app, but make sure and have a strategy in place. Be sure to utilize the four main social media giants and network with review sites that can provide critical advice on what works and what doesn’t. In addition, blogs can be the catalysis to get the word out about your app.

No Freezing or Crashing Of Your App

It is very important that when developing a top-selling app that all of the kinks are worked out. An app that freezes or crashes is sure to be on the bottom of the list for buyers.

If your application is complicated, creating a second thread for your app to run on may be a solution. In addition, making sure the platform is compatible will help to alleviate problems such as freezing.

Release A Free Trial Version To Begin With

When searching for apps to download, most people gravitate towards the free versions. Having a free trial version of your app can drive users to buy the full version with in app purchasing. It is also important to set a competitive price for your app once users are ready to buy.

Keep Your App ‘Ad Free’

This may be controversial because ads do have their place and they allow developers to make extra money. However, an app that is constantly interrupted with ads and banners is not going to rank high on the list for users.

It is best to create a quality paid app that has very little interrupting ads.

Your App Needs A Usability Factor

Top selling apps should add some sort of value to the user. Creating a unique and usable app helps to set you apart from the thousands of other apps.

Designing an app that helps with a task or provides guidance for something sells well and requires repeated usage.

Having a top-selling Iphone or Ipad app is not easy. It is possible however with the right steps taken and the right amount of planning to attain a top-selling app. Be diligent, be creative and develop a quality app that users will need and want.

Article By Melanie Saunders | Addicted2Success.com

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How to Create a Captivating Presentation

How to Create a Captivating Presentation | Enhancements | Scoop.it
Terrified of presenting in front of an audience? Or just a little shy? How to take your public speaking ability and slide presentations from uncomfortable to awesome.
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