Some Homeless Forced to Eat Rats, Live in Sewers | English Article 4 |
... under bridges, in cardboard boxes in alleys, or drifting from shelter to shelter. A surprising number of those I have encountered are ordinary people who had good jobs until 2008, 2009, 2010 when the bad economy finally overwhelmed them.


Part A.

1. The basic subject is that homlessness is hitting even closer to home, and effecting the U.S. every minute of every day.


2. The writer uses quotes from other articles and personal experience to show how bad it is for homeless people, and how bad it can be later if this issue is left unrecognized.


3. The writer believes that homeless people should be helped and the situation overall be cared for. 


4. Yes, the writer states his opinion many times through out the article. He says that "It's unsettling, but I know this to be true." 


6. The columnist reveals that he is a homeless man trying to get by, and I have learned from his experience that he divulged that he just wants to be able to live like everyone else, inside a home.


7. This was written for someone who was interrested in gaining some perspective on what it is like to be homeless and how they should help out.


8. I think the author does give a lot of evidence for me to agree. I really think his article was put together quite well and it is very eye-opening for me.


Part B.

2. This writer made a very good article. He used a lot of quotes from other articles to back up what he was saying. And the quotes added some version of another feeling about homelessness. He also used his personal experiences and opinions of other homeless people he had "gotten to know." He also mentioned some statistics at the end and one was really amusing to me; it said, "18 Statistics That Prove That The Economy Has Not Improved Since Barack Obama Became President." I think this added the extra umph to this article's meaning.