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Towards circular food systems in Bonn | TheMayor.EU

The recently published report Towards Circular Food Systems in Bonn shows that transitioning to a circular food system offers Bonn a way to achieve substantial waste prevention and to fulfill it’s long-term strategies of becoming a zero-waste city while also contributing to its aim to become climate-neutral by 2035

As part of its waste prevention ambition, the city of Bonn is focusing on food waste mitigation and packaging reduction initiatives, as well as campaigns to encourage sustainable consumption that contribute to zero waste. The circular economy offers practical tools to achieve this goal.
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Four cities call for multi-billion-euro clean bus fund –

Four cities call for multi-billion-euro clean bus fund – | Energy Transition in Europe | |
The European Commission has been urged by to set up a multi-billion euro grant scheme for zero-emission buses and to help cities build new cycle paths, as part of the EU’s coronavirus recovery package.
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