improvised working model to demonstrate conservation of Energy | energy conservation |

Through this model,how one form of energy can be transformed into other forms of energy,(Law of conservation of energy) can be learnt without much difficulty.

In this model a thin wooden board is fixed at right angle to the base stand.A 6v bulb, a small piece of nichrome wire,a 6v toy motor with plastic fan blades, an iron bolt with several windings insulated copper wire (electro magnet) and two metal washers,one of copper,the other of iron washer connected to the terminals,placed in plastic bottle voltameter with copper sulphate solution.These are connected in parallel via ear phone sockets. The terminals are connected to a 2A battery eliminator ranging from 1.5v to 12v.If we insert a ear phone pin in to the sockets one after the other we notice the bulb glowing,the nichrome wire turning red hot,the fan blades rotating, the iron bolt attracting  small iron nails and electroplating.

Via Mallepaddi Siva Rama Prasad