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Psychology of Empathy: New Research – Nova Science Publishers
Empathy has been identified as a necessary capability to facilitate effective interpersonal interaction in social settings. As a sophisticated set of skills that are integrated into communication (Arnold, 2005), empathy represents one of the fundamental forms of human expression facilitating the ...
Parole Officer ‘Empathy Training’ Leads to a 13% Drop in Offenders Returning to Jail
The findings, published last month in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show, on average, a 13% decrease in recidivism among the clients of parole and probation officers who participated in the empathy training experiment.

“If an officer received this empathic training...
UC Berkeley study finds empathy training reduces recidivism rates
A UC Berkeley study published March 29 found that empathy training for probation and parole officers led to a reduction in bias against supervisees and recidivism rates among their clients.

The researchers surveyed more than 200 officers who oversee more than 20,000 formerly incarcerated individ...
Silent wars: Why we don't pay attention to the world's worst violence
"Silent wars" ravaging countries across the globe are just as loud, violent and malicious as the military conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

So why don't the wars in Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and others get plastered across newspapers and nightly newscasts?

Why does the public not pay ...
How Children Really Learn Empathy
“Educators will tell you that a classroom full of empathetic kids simply runs more smoothly than one filled with even the happiest group of self-serving children. Similarly, family life is more harmonious when siblings are able feel for each other and put the needs of others ahead of individual h...
Transforming Conflict Through a Restorative Framework
In a restorative framework, everyone’s feelings and needs are a priority. All voices and perspectives are valid and deserve to be heard, and explanations are not considered to be excuses. The overall goal of restorative-based dialogue is to seek mutual understanding and practice respect, even whe...
Phoenix police to use virtual reality headsets for empathy training
The Phoenix Police Department responds to calls involving behavioral health issues every day.

Soon, the department will have more access to better handle those calls thanks to a new technology from Scottsdale-based Axon, which offers de-escalation empathy training through virtual reality headset...
Empathy-based virtual reality training a 'game changer' for Halton police | CBC News
The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has launched a program to provide empathy-based training by simulating scenarios with people who are experiencing mental health issues.

Trainees use a VR headset to enter into a virtual world where they will have access to three different modules: autism...
The Surprising History of Empathy
There is a lot of talk today about empathy and how to cultivate it. But most people don’t know that the word “empathy” is relatively new to the English language and was only coined in 1908.  And strangely enough, its early meaning was different from what we understand by empathy today. In fact, i...