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Empathetic children less likely to indulge in cyber-bullying: Studies

Empathetic children less likely to indulge in cyber-bullying: Studies | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Role of empathy in cyber-bullying

Empathy is the ability to understand and collate human emotions that are possessed by other individuals. Recent researches have found a deep connection between empathy and incidents of cyber-bullying. Researchers are of the view that adolescent children, who develop empathy are less likely to bully other children. 

According to Cyber-bullying and Empathy in the Age of Hyperconnection: An Interdisciplinary Approach, published in Frontiers in Sociology in October, 2020, “In fact, the term Empathy has been used to describe sympathy or compassion. The interdisciplinary approach allows a broader and more innovative analysis to better understand the phenomenon of cyber-bullying and to conceptualize new intervention strategies in the social and educational fields to open new frontiers in research”.

Role of parents

Parents have the most crucial role in a child’s personality development, because they have the greatest influence over them. May all parents take a vow to inculcate empathy among their children. This can not only save other children from becoming victims to bullying and cyber-bullying, it can save precious lives from getting ruined and would make the world a better plac
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The Empathy Edge: Maria Ross : Wisdom From The Top with Guy Raz : NPR

The Empathy Edge: Maria Ross : Wisdom From The Top with Guy Raz : NPR | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
In 2016, Maria Ross realized that she was trying to teach her son that empathy was a way to success, when the world around them seemed to be sending the exact opposite message. So she took her years of experience as a management and brand consultant to make the case for empathy not as a moral imperative, but as a business strategy. She turned her research into a book called The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success.
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The importance of empathic higher ed leaders in a disruptive time (opinion)

The importance of empathic higher ed leaders in a disruptive time (opinion) | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
One important quality, though, is too often glossed over: empathy.

Sure, position descriptions identify emotional intelligence, cross-cultural competency and interpersonal skills as essential for successful leaders. But when it comes down to actually selecting someone, empathic leadership can be hard to define—and even harder to tease out in the search process.

Why is empathic leadership important? In an era when leaders face intense scrutiny—from the public, political leaders, alumni and parents, and even from within their own institutions—empathic leaders are able to self-reflect, be present, listen actively, identify and act on their emotions, and withhold judgment. These qualities can foster resilience and longevity, especially during a time of disruption. Moreover, by displaying empathy, leaders model qualities that are at the very core of university life: civility, authenticity and openness to vigorous debate.
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Research shows virtual reality can increase empathy

Research shows virtual reality can increase empathy | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
” Bailenson tells THE WEEK. “We have conducted several research studies that have shown that VR can increase empathy and prosocial behaviour. As technology evolves, the simulations will only become more convincing.”
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Learning Empathy Through Literature | DonorsChoose project by Mr. Manoa

Learning Empathy Through Literature | DonorsChoose project by Mr. Manoa | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
My students began the year learning about empathy.
They are learning about empathy via a whole-class class read aloud. We are reading the book Restart by Gordon Korman. The students are loving this book so far. It tells of the effects of one person's behaviors from different perspectives. It will be very powerful for them to each of their own copy to annotate and draw connections.
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Empathy in the Face of Existential Threats ft. Paul R. Ehrlich Purposeful Empathy

Paul R. Ehrlich is the Bing Professor Emeritus of Population Studies at Stanford, where he taught for over half a century. He is an expert in evolution, ecology, and human biology and the author of The Population Bomb, considered one of the most influential books of the 20th Century. In this episode, he addresses the most existential problem facing humanity - climate change - and the significant role empathy plays in combating it.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 About Paul R. Ehrlich
02:43 Paul reflects on a passage from his 2010 book Humanity on a Tightrope
04:00 What is the “human predicament”?
05:48 Why women’s human rights matter for climate justice
07:32 Why Paul is not optimistic about solving the population problem
10:52 What is the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) Initiative at Stanford?
13:38 Empathy’s role in tackling existential problems
18:12 The downward spiral of the last 15 years
21:11 The root cause of our perilous situation
26:44 Pearls of wisdom for young people
29:12 Paul R. Ehrlich’s Purposeful Empathy Story
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Empathy training for research, collaboration, and citizenship —

Empathy training for research, collaboration, and citizenship — | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Others Empathy Training is a curriculum of common sense, and uncommon spirit.
Empathy isn’t magic. It isn’t a sixth sense, or a tender feeling, and may or may not inspire you to be kind. Empathy is the skill of seeing things from another point of view, even and especially those you can’t stand or fathom. Simply shifting your perspective is the practice. And we believe that practice is the key to every relationship, whether between colleagues or communities, companies and consumers, neighbors or nations.
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Here’s why A.I. chatbots might have more empathy than your manager

Here’s why A.I. chatbots might have more empathy than your manager | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Active listening
People are more willing to open themselves up to machines (when it comes to disclosing sensitive information or ideas generation) because they feel that machines do not judge them.

Cognitive A.I. chatbots take a step further by actively listening to their users, for example, repeating what their users have said and acknowledging users’ feelings empathetically to make users feel heard. More importantly, cognitive A.I. chatbots never place judgments on what users have expressed. Likewise, if organization leaders can practice active listening, remove egos and judgments from the room, and pay attention to their employees instead of their own thoughts, they could better connect with, understand, and lead their teams.
PacificHomeDecor's comment, September 24, 3:18 AM
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5 Therapy Techniques That Can Help Save A Relationship

5 Therapy Techniques That Can Help Save A Relationship | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Reflective Listening 

“The most common complaint coming from couples is that their partners do not listen to them. This problem is solved when the other partner becomes a better listener in a way that is evident to the other person, using a technique called Reflective Listening,” says Husain. This communication strategy involves two steps: seeking to understand what someone is saying, and repeating back to the speaker to confirm that the content has been understood correctly. Reflective listening tells your partner that you are really making an effort to understand what they are saying and genuinely interested in knowing what they have to say. 
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New medical centre puts empathy at heart of curriculum

The Stoneygate Trust and University of Leicester have combined to create a pioneering new training centre focused on instilling the value of empathy in healthcare.
The £10m Stoneygate Centre for Excellence in Empathic Healthcare will deliver empathy-focused training for undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare students and professionals in Leicester.

Leicester Medical School is the only UK institute to deliver a mandatory empathy-focused curriculum to its foundation year students despite an increasing recognition of the hugely positive benefits that empathy can bring to healthcare provision.

This training will now be enhanced and extend
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Leading With Empathy Without Ignoring Execution

The value of leading with empathy
The benefits of leading with empathy outweigh any misconceptions as to why a leader shouldn’t show empathy.

Showing empathy engages others. Engagement and performance are highly correlated. When engagement is higher, performance also tends to be higher.

Furthermore, empathy is a relational skill. When relatedness is stronger, the bonds of a team are stronger. The team can face complex challenges successfully when team members:
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How to Become More Empathetic | Psychology Toda

How to Become More Empathetic | Psychology Toda | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it

How to Offer Empathy

  • Listen carefully not only to what you are being told, but especially to the feelings being expressed.
  • Repeat back to the person what you have heard them tell you, in order to make sure you are understanding them. You may say something like, “I am hearing that you’re feeling (sad or angry or confused) about (whatever the situation might be).” We call this repetition of what the other person has expressed “reflective listening.” And it’s important to do this because too often we make wrong assumptions about other people based on our own issues or experiences, rather than listening deeply to what the other person tells us.
  • The person talking to you can then let you know if you have heard them correctly. If not, ask them to kindly tell you again what they want you to know and assure them that you want to understand them
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Empathy present and future

Empathy present and future | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it

The empathy concept has central significance for social and personality psychology and in many other domains, including neuroscience, clinical/abnormal psychology, and the health professions. However, the current diversity in conceptual and operational definitions, and the promiscuous use of the term "empathy," threaten the ability of researchers to advance the field.



The present article provides a quantitative review and conceptual analysis of empathy definitions and usages by examining 393 studies published between 2001 and 2013, and 96 studies published in 2017. We document the prevalence and diversity of definitions, as well as inconsistencies between conceptual definitions and measurements employed


. We discuss ways to refine the conceptualization and operationalization of the empathy construct, including for many purposes, bypassing the term empathy in favor of lower-level construct labels that more precisely describe what is actually being measured. In many cases we see no added theoretical or empirical value in applying the term empathy.


Judith A Hall,   Rachel Schwartz  

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Inside the science of empathetic joy | On Point

Inside the science of empathetic joy | On Point | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Mass grief. Mass outrage. Seemingly everywhere.

But can we also learn to share in each other’s joy?

“When you ask people to report on the empathetic experiences that they’ve had, they resonate with other people’s positive feelings just as much as their negative ones, if not more," Jamil Zaki says. "And yet, I don’t think they realize how they can apply it in their own lives.”

Today, On Point: The science of empathetic joy and how we can experience more of it.
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How To Be More Empathetic In A Relationship, According To Experts

How To Be More Empathetic In A Relationship, According To Experts | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Being empathetic means you're aware of someone's emotions from their perspective; you feel what they feel. Although it's important to be empathetic in every personal connection you have, it's vital to maintaining a long-lasting romantic relationship with your partner. No matter how long you've been with your S.O., feeling understood and heard is a great way to feel like you and your partner are a team. But to completely understand what it means to be empathetic, it's good to know the difference between that... and just being sympathetic. "Empathy drives connection where sympathy can disempower,” says licensed marriage and family therapist Barbara Cunningham. “Empathy is 'I'm so glad you told me that.' You respect your partner's adulthood without judgment.”

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Ruth Maille Set To Add The Power of Empathy To “The Power of..” Book Series

Ruth Maille Set To Add The Power of Empathy To “The Power of..” Book Series | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Ruth has scooped several awards, including grand prize awards for the book series, and she is looking to continue in that tradition with The Power of Empathy. The book delves into the principles of friendship, kindness, and empathy, using captivating illustrations and characters, including the Orbit mascot. Other books in the series are The Power of Kindness – Through the Eyes of Children, The Power of Gratitude – Unlocking Hidden Treasures and The Power of Positivity – The ABCs of a Pandemic.
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Empathy for the Borderline

Empathy for the Borderline | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Borderline personality disorder is one of the most stigmatized mental health diagnoses.
People want to be helpful to borderline individuals, but frequently find it hard not to recoil and feel defensive.
Garnering empathy for these people can help to not take their vexing actions personally, and lead to better therapeutic interactions.
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Empathy Summit 2022

Empathy Summit 2022 | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it

All information is subject to change - as of September 25

Space is limited. For more information please contact: info@oneempathynetwork.com

DAY 1 | OCTOBER 26, 2022

Day 1 | October 26 | 9:00 - 17:30 



9:00 | Arrival & Check in


9:15 | Welcome & Agenda Overview


9:30 | Empathy as a Portal to Love: Making Windows from Heart to Heart --An Overview of Designing for Empathy®


Presentation by:

Elif M. Gokcigdem, PhD, Founding President, ONE - Organization of Networks for Empathy 


10:00 | Group Dialogue


10:30 | 10 minute break


10:40 | The Complex Relationship Between Curiosity and Empathy 


Presentation by:

Allison Jane Martingano, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (via ZOOM)

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The Magic of Empathy in Ethnography ft. Karen Faith Purposeful Empathy Hosted by Anita Nowak

Watch this episode to learn how empathy is a practice that is available to everyone, not just the tender-hearted.

Karen Faith is the founder and CEO of Others Unlimited, an empathy training organisation for research, collaboration, and citizenship. In this episode, she explains how her research as an ethnographer has led her to develop a practice she calls “unconditional welcome.”

00:00 Introduction
00:23 About Karen Faith
01:31 How empathy is a practice available to everyone
03:10 Using ethnography to expand your perspective
05:03 How being an ethnographer changes personal relationships
08:02 What is "unconditional welcome”?
11:04 Benefits of ethnography work
12:52 Using empathy to help “you understand me”
14:03 About Karen’s training curriculum
20:32 How can ethnography help companies better understand their customers?
23:45 What is the most misunderstood aspect of empathy?
25:17 The most astonishing thing Karen’s research has taught her
28:42 Karen Faith’s Purposeful Empathy Story
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The Power of Empathy and Compassion

The Power of Empathy and Compassion | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
In this discussion article, Drs Harvey and Clark reflect on the importance of empathy and compassion. Parents are frequently devastated by the news of an irreversible hearing loss. Older pediatric patients wrestle not only with communication barriers but also with the challenges of fitting into an aural-oral-based social milieu.


And adult patients often find it difficult to confront the changed self-image that accompanies the realization that hearing loss is here to stay. Empathy and compassion are key to fostering patient growth beyond the assistance that technology can provide.

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The Building Blocks of Integrative Empathy

The Building Blocks of Integrative Empathy | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
There is a lot of interest in empathy, both in science and the public domain. This results in many definitions and approaches to empathy. While this interest is great, we face the risk of not seeing the wood for the trees.


After 20 years of studying and developing empathy practice, we define five distinct, but connected, aspects of Integrative Empathy with resulting behaviours:

  • Bringing your undivided attention with self-empathy
  • Creating and maintaining connection with kinesthetic empathy
  • Fostering mutual understanding with reflective empathy
  • Diversifying perspectives with imaginative empathy  
  • Ensuring actionable outcomes with empathic creativity
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Developing clinical empathy to improve health equity | Wolters Kluwer

Developing clinical empathy to improve health equity | Wolters Kluwer | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Listening to and learning from patients
When we asked Dr. Conteh how clinicians can develop empathy, she said simply: “Listen.”

“You can never go wrong with listening,” she adds. “Empathy is listening, hearing the stories, reading the books, educating yourself. It’s something that everyone could work on when interacting with anyone who has different lived experiences, which we all do.”

Immersive experiences outside of the practice may help further contextualize those learnings, according to a paper from the American Psychological Association. Something as simple as consuming media featuring diverse characters can create a recognizable “backdrop” to understand the patient’s point of view. Other activities such as visiting diverse communities can also be helpful, the authors add.
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Pioneering Centre for Empathic Healthcare to Open in Leicester

Pioneering Centre for Empathic Healthcare to Open in Leicester | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it

A unique £10m centre for empathic healthcare is to be built at the University of Leicester, co-funded by the University and the Stoneygate Trust. As part of its work, the new Stoneygate Centre for Excellence in Empathic Healthcare will develop and deliver empathy-focused training as an integral part of the curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and healthcare professionals in Leicester, with the ultimate aim of making such training available nationally.

Leicester Medical School is currently the only institute in the UK to deliver a mandatory empathy-focused curriculum to its foundation year students, in a programme that has been running for 5 years. The pioneering new centre will enable this training to be enhanced and extended across the whole medical school.

syedqurancenter's curator insight, September 22, 5:15 PM
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How Empathic People Can Set Effective, Loving Boundaries

How Empathic People Can Set Effective, Loving Boundaries | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
You’re a highly empathic person. You fully and intently listen to others. You tend to focus on others’ emotions, often feeling them more so than your own. In fact, it’s like you feel someone else’s pain deep inside your bones.

It’s that visceral.

And you frequently find yourself utterly exhausted because tending to others comes more naturally to you than tending to yourself, according to Joy Malek, a marriage and family therapist who specializes in working with people who are intuitive, empathic, creative and highly sensitive.
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Guest column: Critical thinking, empathy are key life lessons

Guest column: Critical thinking, empathy are key life lessons | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it
Which leads to empathy. When we seek differing perspectives, we have to feel some compassion for those perspectives. We need to be able to put ourselves in their shoes. We need to believe their experiences even if they differ from ours. We need to know the world does not begin and end with our own perspective and experience. And we need to solve problems in ways that work for everyone, not just ourselves. 

Critical thinking, perspective taking and empathy are critical skills for creativity, innovation, agility and adaptability to address those problems, challenges and even innovations that are yet unseen
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How to Defeat the Empathy Gap

How to Defeat the Empathy Gap | Empathy Movement Magazine | Scoop.it

To understand the empathy gap, consider the concept of cognitive biases. Cognitive biases refer to a variety of unconscious mental errors that result from problems in memory, perception, attention, and other mistakes. They occur when our brain tries to simplify the complex world around us and can result in bad decisions. Cognitive biases such as the empathy gap can seriously harm our business relationships and efforts to motivate and engage employees.

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