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Welcome back to Have a HEART, Part 2, Exploring the role of EMOTIONS in todays business world.
In part 1, I introduced the subject of emotions in business and why they’re becoming increasingly important in staging customer experiences and influencing buying decisions. I also shared some ground breaking research, conducted by Colin Shaw and his Company, Beyond Philosophy. That research revealed for the first time ever ”the empirical link between evoking certain emotions along the customer experience journey, and increasing and decreasing revenue”.


Wow -- what an information packed article on the importance of emotions in marketing, branding, customer experience and the link to effective storytelling.


As I work with clients on their biz stories, identifying, articulating, and consciously working with emotions in their content and marketing is challenging for them.


This article is going to be a huge assist in helping them (and you) figure it all out. There are plenty of examples and links to other resources so you will want to bookmark this article and keep digging into its material.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz