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2/3rd of physicians use mobile applications

2/3rd of physicians use mobile applications | eHealth - mHealth - socialHealth |
POST SUMMARY: Physicians are not using the mobile web they are using apps as a tool like a stethoscope. The number one reason that they are using apps is to determine medical interactions followed by diagnosing patients. If marketers want to appeal to physicians they should focus on a message that benefits physicians.It should come as no surprise to anyone that apps rule mobile devices (smarphones). Why? Because even with 4G speeds the smartphone web provides a small and slow experience. Now a report from MedData indicates the same is true for physicians.”“To generate demand among physicians, campaigns must focus on solving physicians problems.
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What is Telefonica doing in regard of eHealth?

What is Telefonica doing in regard of eHealth? | eHealth - mHealth - socialHealth |

Governments around the world are grappling with growing healthcare costs, driven by ageing populations. 


The management of patients with chronic diseases has become the main challenge of healthcare systems at world level due to the following reasons:


Chronic diseases are the illnesses that generate more expenditure due to a lack of medical tracking30-35% of the population suffers a chronic disease, which means 70-80% of the total healthcare expenditureAging populations are bringing about a growing trend of chronic diseases  


Telefonica believes information and communication technologies have the potential to radically transform healthcare, providing both greater quality of care for patients and driving greater efficiencies for healthcare providers.


From demand and access management through to remote patient management, mobile tele-care and tele-consultation, Telefonica is able to provide innovative products and services to both healthcare providers and directly to end users.


Telefónica has decided to offer a remote and customized service for patients with chronic diseases. Telefónica’s global strategy is based on a Population Health Management offer, adapting the service to the patient’s own risk and disease.


Telefónica has set up a comprehensive remote patient management strategy based on 4 pillars:


Big projects at world level: globally, more than 1,200 patients deployed in 2013Evidence of the generated impact: based on two kinds of indicators:Satisfaction indicators: Recommendation, Satisfaction and telehealth preference over traditional medical careClinical indicators: Mortality, Hospital readmission and CostsGlobal product innovation: multi-channeling and user experience (UX), and Help project (system that captures parkinson symptoms)“Best-in-class” partners: 

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