This is a big question, and one I was asked this week by a friend, and I thought I’d share my answer with you. Firstly let’s explore happiness and what most people think happiness is and how they feel happiness. In the modern day happiness is perceived as excitement, jumping up and down shouting “wooohoo” perhaps, or being out at a bar or club drinking and dancing and laughing with friends. When a person becomes excited a friend will often say, “why are you so happy”. And, if you aren’t smiling, a friend will often say, “why are you so miserable”. If you aren’t excited or displaying physicals signs of enjoyment it may be perceived that you aren’t happy. Happiness is therefore misperceived as a heightened state of mind, one where the mind is overly stimulated, adrenaline is rushing; a natural buzz if you like. If a person is happy in this state, does that mean they aren’t happy when not in this state? And what of introvert personalities, those who naturally don’t overtly display emotion, are they to be classified as not happy? Of course not, because this definition of happiness is wrong.

Via Susan Taylor, Bobby Dillard