American Decline: Save the Children | Education, Curiosity, and Happiness |
If this country ever goes under, it will be for needless, egregious hypocrisy.” — Norman Mailer, Harlot’s Ghost

That would be our children, here in the US of A, not some (generic images of a) starving orphan in foreign lands. For a nation that claims to love and protect children, the USA does a pretty damn poor job of showing it. The infant mortality rate in this country is three times that of Sweden, twice that of Germany, and not much better than many nations with a fraction of our resources, like Cuba. Statistically, our literacy rates are among the highest in the world, yet many “American” children don’t read at their grade level. Nor can they write cursive, print, or type proper alphabets, words, sentences, or paragraphs. “Texting” is destroying literacy even as we speak. If we really want to save children in foreign lands, we could start by not bombing them, or undermining their governments, or stealing their resources, or exploiting their labor (farm workers). And the children on “Indian reservations,” and in the hills of Appalachia, or on the streets of Detroit are in just as dire straights (relatively) as the children over-seas.

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