Education 3.0: Learning Anywhere, Anytime (What do you need to get to Education 3.0?) | Education and Tech Tools |

"Education 3.0 is the next generation of education and the radical step enabled by the advancements in information and communication technology. Prof. Derek W. Keats argues that institutions must respond quickly to remain relevant and that higher education leaders must be aware of what’s happening, the speed of evolution, and know how to prepare their institutions.

Keats outlines how education has progressed: Education 1.0 is a one-way process between instructor and students. Education 2.0 uses Web 2.0 technologies to create more interactive education (but likely within the constraints of Education 1.0). And Education 2.0 is laying the groundwork for Education 3.0, which breaks down most boundaries within education to create a more free and open system focused on learning."