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What Motivates Students’ Interest in Reading and Writing

What Motivates Students’ Interest in Reading and Writing | Education and Tech Tools |
Educator Larry Ferlazzo details how to make reading and writing relevant to students lives in order to motivate them.
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Becky Roehrs's insight:

Tips based on research, for getting teens interested in reading and writing..just like adults, teens like choices of what to read, and want to know how the material relates to their goals.

Cynthia Cardenas's curator insight, September 8, 2015 4:45 PM

This article about reading and writing explains that student like to be aware about their progress and an improvement rubric helps students to set goals to do better for the future. To help students feel motivated it is said that students like feedback about the essays they wrote. Discussing the readings is very important because students become more engaged and interested. I believe that being engaged with my classroom with the readings helps me understand what is being said on the text because everyone has a different way of interpreting what they read. Having an improvement sheet in the past helped me see what I did wrong so that I can improve by studying more. Having motivation within yourself helps you try harder when reading and writing. When students ask teachers questions about why they are learning the material given to them then  teachers know that they are not doing a good job of implementing intrinsic motivation. This is a reliable source because the author was an award winning teacher that specializes on  education.

Madison Totushek's curator insight, September 15, 2015 4:52 PM

Having the ability to read and write is incredibly important in today's world. It allows us to communicate our opinions effectively. If we are never taught or had any motivation to learn how to read and write, then we are truly not set up to succeed in any job, really. Larry Ferlazzo has done extensive research on the topic of "what motivates students to learn about literacy" describes how to help students be more interested in reading and writing. He states that autonomy and competence are the two foundations in finding a desire to write. However, the most important factor is relatedness- a way to connect and receive feedback from their peers and mentors. 

farah jadhavji's curator insight, October 28, 2015 9:20 PM

This article is literally saying everything I felt through my high school english class. Why did people think that talking about a book we read in a 40-person class would get us anywhere? Most people who talk are outgoing and loud and a majority of the class doesn't speak or hasn't even read the book. I think getting people into groups to talk about books is a great idea because we are a small group collectively trying to reach the same goal. Also, letting kids decide books that they relate to or find interesting will increase the rate of students reading on their own. 

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"Facebook Is Dead To Us": What Teens Think About 11 Of The Biggest Social Networks

"Facebook Is Dead To Us": What Teens Think About 11 Of The Biggest Social Networks | Education and Tech Tools |
19 year old, Andrew Watts, is a sophomore Management Information Systems major (marketing minor) at the University of Texas in Austin and penned an interesting glimpse into the world of teenage (and college) consumption (or lack thereof) of the biggest social networks. We see studies day in and day out from Gallup or Pew on polling that is then interpreted by all the hot tech blogs, but very few articles actually cite real, blood pumping teenage humans. And by the time the studies are published, most likely, the stats are dated – as teenage trends move in and out so quickly. What do they actually think, in their own words, about the various social networks? Watts lays it out:

Via John Evans
Becky Roehrs's insight:

Very interesting what apps a 19 year old thinks is hot or he doesn't know anyone that uses Google+

Shayne Train's curator insight, January 16, 2015 10:44 AM

Understand why Facebook is past its prime with teens and Instagram and Snapchat are the place to be. (Hint: anonymity and lack of old folks factor into it!)