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Moodle is a powerful LMS, there can be no doubt. Regardless of all it can do, however, there are times when you want a student to do something completely different and yet continue to use Moodle as your interface — both for viewing the assignment and for recording grades. When those situations arise, you can turn to the features of the SCORM package to make this possible. Through this feature, you can feed data from an external activity into Moodle and have it act accordingly.


For purposes of illustration, we will walk through two examples of doing this with videos created using Camtasia Studio 8.


Think long and hard about the completion requirement before setting it. It is strongly recommended that you not set the percentage to 100 percent: In the case of the video being used in this example, if the student were to exit the activity after watching 14 minutes and 56 seconds of the 14:57 video and miss the one second of fade at the end, it would not be reported that they completed the assignment and they would need to watch it again. "Watching" the video means starting it at the beginning and letting it play without touching any navigation — any attempt to skip forward in the video, to leave it after watching half and come back later, etc. prevents completion from being successful. Even at the 97 percent setting used in fig. 2, the student has to watch more than 14 minutes of this video from the beginning for it to count as completed.


After choosing the value, click OK and Next until the file is created, then turn your attention to Moodle


Add a new activity — SCORM package and upload the zip file. Within the Grade Settings area, set Grade Method to Learning Objects (which records only 0 or 1 values). Beneath Activity Completion (shown in fig. 3), choose to show the activity as complete when the conditions are met and check the boxes on Require status for both Passed and Completed. Save it and you're done.


Via Miloš Bajčetić