The Digital Curriculum Part 1… Textbook To Flexbook… Free, Open Source, Engaging! | EduTIC |

"Everyone is talking about a digital curriculum free of those hard copy textbooks that have been a part of schooling since the advent of the one room schoolhouse. This is the first post in a series devoted to investigating resources that can open up a world of digital curricula. In the next post I will bring seven more amazing digital resources that just might replace what we know as the textbook...."

This article looks at the CK-12 Foudation, a non-profit organization who is helping to build open-content, web-based collaborative books. Currently most of their books are in the area of STEM but the goal is to encompass all subject K-12. Read this article to learn more about CK-12 and to find additional resources.

Via Beth Dichter, Heath Sawyer