Kindle ebooks are on Fire! | eBooks are on the Rise! |

I just got back from overseas it was a very long flight and I cannot believe how many Kindle readers I saw on this trip.


eBooks are on the rise with Amazon every digital device is now a ebook reader, it is so easy to get information on any topic and be entertained all in one game changer device.


So mobile, so easy and great prices makes trips go by a lot quicker that is for sure.


Amazon really has changed the game when it comes to a wide variety of ebooks you can read in anywhere in the world.


One of the hottest sellers in Kindle ebooks is Fiction Romance and erotic romance. I saw two ladies reading two of the top sellers in this category.


I like to Scoop it or Snoop it to see what is selling and what people like. In this case of course it is mostly women.


Keep eBooking!

-Tim B. Miller