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A fun new way of making money fast and easy

No description available. (I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/xSBafnalb9 A fun new way of making money fast and easy)
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Stop Work Overload By Setting These Boundaries

Stop Work Overload By Setting These Boundaries | easy to make money | Scoop.it
Reclaim your life with effective time investment.

Via Marty Koenig
Marty Koenig's curator insight, June 8, 2013 2:11 PM

Elizabeth advises that you can adjust the scope of your scope of work or make cuts to eliminate things you shouldn't be doing, like:

  • Reducing the number of meetings
  • Optimizing your one-on-one time, asking your people to queue up non-essential items
  • Getting past perfection, since your own basic work is probably 100% better than most people's perfect work (I personally have dealt with this, and now make a conscious decision to do most work ‘roughly right and fast’ versus ‘perfect and taking too much time’)



That's great advice, however, Elizabeth doesn’t cover much on working smarter. There are dozens of articles on the subject, but here’s my take in short order:

  • Don’t wait for emails, pick up the phone or visit in person so you can move faster towards decisions and valuable results. Texting and email doesn’t get across the emotional sub-conversations only available with body language or at least voice inflections.
  • Instead of complaining about a process or procedure that takes too long, re-invent it. Take the initiative to always be thinking about continuous improvement and efficiency. Then collaborate.
  • Don’t edit while you’re typing. When you see a typing error, and backspace to fix it on the fly, your’re distracting yourself from the thoughts and energy to get the message conveyed the way you want it (see bullet 3 above). Open up your creative river and let your thoughts flow from the center of your existence to the keyboard then on to the screen and out to the world.  



The article says to ask for direction. That's great advice, since everyone needs an outsider, not a friend or family, to guide decisions and priorities in their work.