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Rescooped by Vicki Myers from Students with dyslexia & ADHD in independent and public schools

Can Dyslexics Succeed at School or Only in Life?

Can Dyslexics Succeed at School or Only in Life? | early literacy | Scoop.it
Even the corporate world has figured out that problem-solving skills are a better predictor of success than an employee's performance on standardized tests.

Via Lou Salza
Vicki Myers's insight:

How do we give teachers the knowledge and skills they need to help struggling readers?

Lou Salza's curator insight, February 22, 2013 9:21 PM

'...There's something funny about learning that a successful CEO or politician received bad grades in school. We're amused to hear that Steve Jobs earned C's on his way to a 2.6 GPA in high school-- before creating the most profitable company on Earth. But what if stories like these say more about the quality of our schools than we think? Indeed, statistics show that schools in the United States may not be fostering the skills needed to succeed in life after high school. A shocking number of high school graduates require remediation when they get to college. In New York City - which, unlike most other districts, is tracking the data and attempting to do something about it - more than half of high school graduates aren't prepared for coursework in in community college. Naturally, cities and states (and the authors of the Common Core Standards) have begun adjusting their approach, shifting focus to higher level skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and even creativity. It's time we took a similar approach to the education of students with learning differences and learning disabilities...."

Rescooped by Vicki Myers from College and Career-Ready Standards for School Leaders

Teachers Are at the Core of Common Core | Hanover Research

Teachers Are at the Core of Common Core | Hanover Research | early literacy | Scoop.it
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a voluntary initiative to establish national learning standards for English language arts and mathematics.

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