The Blueprint to Build Sustainable Personalized Learning Environments | E-learning arts |

The Blueprint is the foundation, framework, and direction in building Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs) that transform teaching and learning and are sustainable over time.


Everyone in the school community is involved in the vision. Teachers are learners too. When you change the learning environment, teacher and learner roles change. Assessment is essential to measure progress and effectiveness of teaching and learning in the different Stages of Personalized Learning Environments. Assessment is conducted through each phase.


> Vision and Plan
Phase One lays the foundation for your Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs). The key is to lay a foundation built on trust and respect from all stakeholders so there is a shared vision and common language around personalized learning.


> Implement and Coach
Phase Two creates the framework with all the elements you need to build Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs) in your schools and/or districts.


> Expand and Sustain
Phase Three provides the direction to expand and sustain personalized learning for all learners.


Via Kathleen McClaskey