Infographic: Personalization vs Individualization vs Differentiation | E-learning arts |
When learning is personal, teaching and learning changes. Teachers' and learners' roles change. Last January, we created a chart comparing Personalization vs Individualization vs Differentiation and a report that explained the difference between these three terms including teacher-centered vs. learner-centered approaches. This chart has been downloaded tens of thousands of times from all over the world and prompted discussions around some of these questions:

* What does personalized or personal learning mean to you?

* How do you see teachers' and learners' roles changing?

* How does a school or district know they are Ready to Transform learning?

* What is Assessment AS Learning?

* Can personalization help close the achievement gap?

* Where are the conversations, models, and examples of personalizing learning?


These questions were part of an interview from Patricia Gomes, a reporter from Porvir in Brazil who wrote an article August 12, 2012 about the chart and resulted in an article and infographic in Portuguese. We translated the infographic for our English readers and welcome your comments. 

Via Kathleen McClaskey, Barbara Bray