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Review: Persona is limited, values stereotypes over substance

Review: Persona is limited, values stereotypes over substance | Drama | Scoop.it
Mariner Software's Persona, billed as a way to help writers develop characters, is limited in functionality, low on polish, and relies too heavily on cliche and stereotype.


Creating compelling characters for a work of fiction isn’t an easy undertaking: They have to be recognizable as people and avoid the traps of cliché. It’s easy to see how a writer would welcome a tool like Mariner Software’s Persona , which aims to help make such a task easier. Unfortunately, while I had high hopes for the app, its aim goes far wide of the mark, turning a creative exercise into a rote one, fraught with problems.


At its root, Persona is a sort of database for characters. The program divides its functions into three toolbar tabs: Create, where you make your characters; Interact, which tells you how different characters interact; and Learn, which consists of information about the types of characters you can create.

Greta Maree's comment, May 2, 2013 8:31 AM
1. Describe how a parallel can be made with the use of this app in relation to the process of creating a character in a drama class.

2. Examine and justify the use of technology today used in a dramatic performance.
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Tom Kenny Finds his Voice as SpongeBob SquarePants | Backstage.com

Tom Kenny Finds his Voice as SpongeBob SquarePants | Backstage.com | Drama | Scoop.it

Great interview from Backstage with character voice actor, Tom Kenny aka "SpongeBob Squarepants," where he discusses, among other things, his stand-up comedy background; how he "found" his way into voice acting; creating characters; celebrities who do animation; and what his life is like as as a successful animation voice actor in LA.

You gotta love that someone as well-known as Kenny is still willing to drive 50 miles for an audition, "even if the money ain't great." That's the type of commitment and passion for his craft, that all actors who aspire to work at the top levels of this business have to have. No exceptions.

Backstage.com: "Tom Kenny, one of the most successful voiceover actors in the business, would be the first to admit he took an unusual path to his life behind the microphone. "I did everything wrong," he reveals."

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Greta Maree's comment, May 2, 2013 7:21 AM
This particular article is relevant to the Essential Learning’s by the end of Year 9, of the Arts from the Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework. One component of the Knowledge and Understanding unit is to involve dramatic elements and conventions to express ideas. An example of this throughout the article would be the use of specific vocal techniques to define the character. This technique used by Tom Kenny is conveyed through the article an essential element to creating and defining his characters motivation and purpose.