Dog Agility
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FCI 2012 World Dog Agility Championships Susan Garrett & Feature Indivdual Agility

Susan Garrett and Feature in the Czech Republic. Last round of the weekend; individual agility.

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How to turn a dog walk into an urban agility challenge - Mother Nature Network

How to turn a dog walk into an urban agility challenge - Mother Nature Network | Dog Agility |
Mother Nature Network
How to turn a dog walk into an urban agility challenge
Mother Nature Network
Let's just admit it: even for those of us with the best of intentions for our pets, taking the dog out for a walk can sometimes feel like a chore.

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MildGreen Initiative's curator insight, August 21, 2014 9:44 PM

The utilisation of the urban space is exactly where you should take your dog for training.... but, logically, where you have already created some measure of reliable conformance, in a safe environment. Remember if you cant get your dog to do this in an undistracted environment, don't have high expectations of getting conformance in the public domain. You are teaching your dog to fail attempting to cue behaviours where there is something else better to do.... And there is always that external, unpredictable 'thing/action/event' you will need to work around. I recall my last dog who was pretty much bulletproof and would run alongside my bicycle all over the city, even amongst dense traffic, under voice control. He would easily run 10-15km, sometimes as much as 25km return across the fabric of the city... ignoring cats, other dogs, ducks etc. Until one day, crossing an open park and he encountered for the first time a green plastic public rubbish bin cast in the shape of a rampant dog.... "Spooked!"  Arrff Arrff!  Major distraction. Such things we see as normal are not so to a dog. But that said.... his urban agility, under command (and a duty of care) was legendary.  It contributed to 'his character' in so many ways. When on tramps and other outdoor pursuits you could see a clear problem solving ability... even crossing wire mesh swing bridges over raging rivers, climbing along mountain ridges, sea kayaking, and 'tracking' his way back to the car (or wherever) as if, without him we would be lost forever. (more of his story is at )

Urban Dog is where it is at... Dog trails are better than dog parks for creating the companion animal we all desire.