gClassFolders v2 creates class folders for students and teachers using Google Apps Script | doctopus | Scoop.it

gClassFolders Version 2 was released on 2/13/13 and contains the following new features:

* Ability to run in "Single Teacher Mode" or "School Mode" - school mode anticipates use over multiple semesters and at the scale of many classrooms.


* Ability to add students and classes over time without recreating all folders. 


* Bulk operations like "Remove from class", "Add teacher," "Add school aide," "Move to another class," and "Archive course" 


* Internationalized interface runs in over 70 languages via Google Translate API.


* Plugs into gClassHub, a gallery of tools that allows any teacher running gClassFolders to instantly launch spreadsheets containing useful scripts like Doctopus, autoCrat progress reports, etc. PRE-POPULATED with their student roster and student assignment folder IDs!

Via Martin Hawksey