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Create and share captivating video slideshows with your Instagram photos!

"If you’re looking to make a vast amount of Instagram photos more interesting, the recently released Flipagram app may fit the bill. The app turns Instagram photos into a video slideshow, complete with audio." -AppAdvice, June 2012

Bring your most spectacular moments to life through video.

★ Your pet's cutest moments
★ Your last getaway
★ Your newborn's first year
★ This month's favorite meals
★ Create a short music video
★ A night on the town

And many many more!

Have fun, get creative, switch it up. The options are endless!

Create a flip in 4 easy steps:
1. Select the photos for your video.
2. Sort them in the order you like.
3. Refine your video by adding a title, soundtrack, and adjusting it’s speed.
4. Save it to your camera roll or share it with friends and family via email, Facebook, or YouTube!

✓ Easy Instagram Login.
✓ Access to "Popular" photos if not logged into Instagram.
✓ Tap photos to grab them from your Instagram library to create your video.
✓ Flipagram will automatically sort the photos in the order they were selected.
✓ Ability to rearrange order of photos for your video.
✓ Add a title and customize the font.
✓ Add a soundtrack from your music library (optional).
✓ Adjust the pace of your video.
✓ INSTANT PREVIEW! No need to wait to preview your flip after you make changes.

✓ Upload directly to your Facebook and YouTube accounts (uploads are done in the background so you can make another flip).
✓ Email your video directly from Flipagram.
✓ Save your video to your camera roll to use however you'd like.

Flipagram will automatically store each one of your projects to your Flipagram library so you can always access your past videos.

** NOTES **
1. Flipagram only supports Instagram user accounts to create video slideshows, not your iPhone's photo library.
2. Sharing capabilities are only available on videos created with your own Instagram photos.

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