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"30 years later and our word processing software hasn't changed, not even to adapt to mobile. That changes tonight with the launch of Quip, a free new word processing app from former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor's new startup" TechCrunch.


From Quip.com:

... Quip works on the desktop (PC and Mac), iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android. Wherever you are, whatever device you are using, you can use Quip.
... With Quip, everyone can edit the same version of the document at the same time. There's just one document and one thread that shows the entire history of the document through diffs, not a bunch of attachments with indecipherable titles like “ClientProposal-Kevin-Version3.doc.”
... Quip combines documents and messages into a single chat-like “thread” of updates. You can discuss the document you are editing directly in the thread without having to shuffle back and forth from email to talk about it, and all messages show up in real-time. Your Quip home screen has an inbox, enabling you to easily see the documents that have been shared with you, as well as new edits and messages.
... Diffs are simple visual representations of edits to a document. Diffs get added to the thread every time an edit is made, showing what's changed, who made the change, and when they made it. When someone else edits a document, diffs make it easy to stay up-to-date without re-reading the whole document.
... All the features in Quip work perfectly offline on your phone or tablet. Whether you're on an airplane or in a no-service zone, you can create new documents or edit existing ones, and even send messages. Whenever you have internet connection again, your changes will sync automatically. Even if multiple people are simultaneously editing a document offline, the changes will merge seamlessly.
... Shared folders enable you to easily share documents with a group. Create a folder for your family's recipes or to organize a project for your team. Everyone in the shared folder can add documents or contribute to the documents already in the folder. You can also create subfolders within a shared folder, which can be restricted to a smaller group.
... Use @mentions to reference a person or a document. You can use @mentions in both documents and messages to create a dynamic link to any of your Quip documents or reference any of your contacts. Mentioning a person makes it easy to identify someone within a document, such as when assigning a task. The same @ symbol is used to insert photos and tables.
... Working together is easier when you know whether someone is online. You can see someone's presence in multiple places on Quip — even what folder or document they're in. Your Contacts list also shows you who's online, what device they're using, and what they're working on, as well as when your offline contacts were last online.
... Read receipts appear at the bottom of each document thread. They're an easy way to see who's read your edits or the messages you've sent. You can see who's read the most recent updates, and when everyone is up-to-date, the text will change to “Read by everyone”.
... One of the formatted list options is a checklist, which turns your document from a static piece of paper into an interactive task list. Manage your grocery list with a roommate, your personal to-do's, or your team task list.
... When you're using Quip in a browser, chat tabs enable you to easily view and respond to messages regardless of what document you're working on. When a new message is sent in one of your documents or threads, a chat tab will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can respond inside the chat tab or click through to the document itself.

> Quip site: https://quip.com/" from source: http://techcrunch.com/

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