"Banyan makes it easy for scientists to share, publish, and collaborate what they are working on. We are building modern tools for the modern scientist.


... Research should not be thwarted by an industry run on the privatization of information. Instead, it should be enhanced by open access. Open access allows the knowledge of scientific research to be easily accessible to any audience. The open access movement began 19 years ago with Steven Harnad’s Subversive Proposal. By making published work freely accessible to people, it provides a platform for academics to share their knowledge. This movement has already begun in other countries with mandates for open access in Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, and Australia.


This movement cannot move forward unless we are willing to take a stand on this problem. Every researcher, librarian, university administrator and funding body should promote open access before this movement takes off. Our goal with Banyan is to give everyone an equal seat at the table. We want to level the playing field of research. We invite researchers to use Banyan to recapitulate scholarly communication and expand the distribution of information."

from source: https://banyan.co/publish


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