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Rescooped by Olivia Bromley from Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement!

Infographic: Are You in a Committed Relationship with Your Customers? - Direct Marketing News

Infographic: Are You in a Committed Relationship with Your Customers? - Direct Marketing News | Direct Marketing |
Direct Marketing News
Infographic: Are You in a Committed Relationship with Your Customers?
Direct Marketing News
Acquisition and retention aren't the only marketing opposites that attract.

Via Sian Arthur
Olivia Bromley's insight:

This article was a good read as it described the relationship between companies and its customers as a personal, affectionate one. This was a good metaphor as companies need to stay interested and committed to each customer just like in any other relationship. When a company has gained a loyal customer they cannot just give up and more on to the next potential customer, they need to stay connected with each person in order to keep them loyal. They can do this by sending frequent promotional emails, or reward them for their loyalty to the brand/company. This article states that there needs to be a balance between bringing in new customers and maintaining the old once as both are equally important to stay successful.

Matthias Röse's comment, September 26, 2013 6:35 PM
I enjoyed studying the infographic with its very interesting data. I was surprised that so few companies include customer retention in their marketing plans although 70% of marketers agree that it is cheaper to retain than to acquire new customers. I agree with Josh Leuenberger who states that fostering the relations to former customers is important to make them buy again and that recommendations by them are more valuable than many marketing campaigns. Recommendations lead to new customers. For example companies by incentivizing recommendations retain former customers AND gain new ones and thus kill two birds with one stone. The article is good make everyone aware of the importance of retaining customers that many forget about.
Enele Westerlund's comment, September 26, 2013 7:37 PM
Blake, I agree that DM does encourage repeat customers and, as the article says, too many companies focus too much on obtaining new customers they may be losing out on retaining their current ones. Relationship marketing is definitely a very important, and underrated method.
Calvin Henton's comment, September 26, 2013 9:04 PM
As many companies, customer loyalty is important and making sure that the relationship between the two are maintain but to my surprise a lot of companies seem to lack in keeping its consumer retention. Retention is important to the company as it provides profit and long term connection with the company.
Rescooped by Olivia Bromley from Week 8 - Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement!

4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement -

4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement - | Direct Marketing |

Via Matilda Alisi
Olivia Bromley's insight:

I found this article very interesting to read. The article begins by making the point "improving consumer engagement begins with the understanding of consumer behaviour". I agree completely with this statement, how are you suppose to engage with people you know nothing about? The article states that the lack of interest in the consumers will cost big brands customers and will stop them from meeting their target sales. The article uses a good example of when most consumer do shopping online. Most companies miss opportunties to engage with consumers during peak shopping times because they do not know when they are. By researching consumers behaviour the companies would realise that for online shopping consumers usually do it in the evenings as opposed to in-store shopping which is busiest during the day on the weekends. The steps this article gives to help marketers engage with consumers are: start early, segment your audience, consider timing, and leverage mobile. These steps will help marketers understand consumers better and therefore be able to engage with them.

Sophie Trethewey's comment, September 26, 2013 7:47 PM
This article is interesting, an online marketplace I know has achieved high awareness in online shopping is a global company called ASOS. At ASOS you can shop any item of clothing and brands you can think of both high end and lower end, additionally they have their own ASOS brand on offer. The shop caters ofr men, women, kids, maternity, sports and more. They have free international shipping and appeal to an enormous mass market. ASOS saw a gap in the market for an online shopping marketplace that could cater to anyone anywhere in the world which attributes to shopping behaviors. Consumers enjoy shopping for all their needs in one place similar to department store shopping which has always been a hit. Four major things retailers need to focus on is launch holiday shopping promotions early as it will attract consumers at a fast pace. Segmenting your audience and targeting shoppers within your target market with urgent emails of last minute sales and special shopping days will reduce shopper fatigue and encourage a genuine interest and create a strong purchasing desire. Timing, launching new brands at the time when your big purchasers frequent your website and make purchases is key and will reach the right audience. Embrace mobile technologies and create apps and networking for consumers who are interested in convenience. Overall improving engagement during peak seasonal retail times will produce profitable returns on investment and deliver the best results to the desired target market.
Kevin yau's comment, September 26, 2013 8:47 PM
@Michelle Kim
It is a good article to read. Email is a good way to communicate with customers as email is an important platform to communicate with each other. Everyone has to check their email couple times everyday , so i think with an attractive topic will attract people attention.
Klaudia Lewis's comment, September 27, 2013 12:26 AM
This article strongly emphasizes the importance of consumer engagement and gives the reader four helpful ways to improve a brands ability to engage with their consumers. By starting online marketing campaigns early, brands are able to prepare for consumers who shop prior to the holiday season. It is said that by “using email promotions that include free shipping, discounts, and exclusive offers are an instant driver of consumer purchase decisions”. Another way to effectively engage with your intended consumer is to know and understand what segment you are targeting, this helps avoid message fatigue. It is essential that brands release email promotions and other messaging during times when consumers are most likely to be actively online shopping. By doing this brands have a higher chance of getting their consumers attention and are in turn able to promote their content in a more effective manner. I believe mobile technology is a way for consumers to get the necessary information regarding a brands product , out to their consumers. Through mobile technology consumers are directly able to buy and compare what brands and services appeal to them. Promotion through emailing helps consumers to view messaging and interact with a brand on a mobile platform.