docAppender - Open hermot pelastanut arviointityökalu Google Formsiin
docAppender - Open hermot pelastanut arviointityökalu Google Formsiin
How to set up iOS to read any text--from emails to ebooks--aloud  - Tech Republic
Using built-in iOS settings, Apple users can configure their mobile devices to read any form of text aloud with a simple gesture.
Here Is A Very Good Chromebook App for Music Teachers
For music teachers using Chromebooks with their students, Noteflight is definitely a must have app. It is one of the easiest tools to help you write, play back and share music notation on the web. Students can use it to learn about the basics of music composition and write sheet music.
Yli 50 miljoonaa koulurakentamiseen Kaarinassa - asiantuntijoiden ajankohtaispäivä tukemaan hankk...
Kaarinassa on käynnistymässä yli 50 miljoonan arvosta perusopetuksen rakentamishankkeita. Tulevan suunnittelun ja rakentamisen tueksi Kaarina järjestää kaupunginvirastolla perjantaina 8.3.2019 koulurakentamisen ajankohtaispäivän klo 8.30-14.30.
From Policing Screen Time To Weighing Screen Use | The Children’s Media Foundation (CMF)
any relation between digital technology use and adolescent well-being is, by comparison with almost any other factor you can think of (eating potatoes is the factor that appealed to the headline writers), “too small to warrant policy change.”
Collaborative music learning app from theory to composition
Flat for Education is a cloud-based on collaborative music education software. Use it on any device, including Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and smartphones
Is maths still relevant in our digital world? – Learning Matters –
The digital revolution has brought unprecedented, previously inconceivable changes to the way we do business; indeed the very way we live our lives. There is growing recognition that ‘pure maths’ as…
Voicepods - Create automated human-like text to speech
Convert any text, webpage, pdf, document, or text in image into a realistic voice that you can share with your students.