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Rescooped by Megan Gardner from The MarTech Digest!

Discover Your Sweet Spot for Email Marketing with Automation - Silverpop

Discover Your Sweet Spot for Email Marketing with Automation - Silverpop | Digital OMG |

"Whether you’re marketing in a B2B or a B2C context, to successfully target today’s customer, a new style of email communication is required, one that incorporates messages triggered by customer actions and behaviors, and speaks to the specific interests of each unique buyer when he’s most receptive."




Here are three ways automation will help you achieve outstanding results:

1) Track and trigger to target individuals quickly.
There’s much critical insight to be gained when you know what actions buyers are taking online and what Web pages they visit after opening your emails. With this data, you can zero in on their wants and deliver more relevant content.

2) Automatically schedule send times with the data you glean.
Digital marketing features like Send Time Optimization (STO) automatically analyze recipient behaviors to predict the ideal message delivery time for each customer. The system delivers the messages to recipients across all time zones, on the precise day and at the exact time they’re most likely to open emails.

3) Design for the device.
Today, many people check their email messages on more than one device. They might skim messages on their smartphones, deleting some and leaving the rest for viewing later on a home tablet or office desktop. Knowing what your customers are actually doing (or not doing) with your email messages is critical, so your email strategy must include gleaning this data and accommodating for various devices.

Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, March 22, 2013 9:35 AM

Responsive design is an important part of your email marketing effort, especially with the dramatic rise in mobile email access. STO should be a part of your triggered email setup.

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Scooped by Megan Gardner!

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