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My New Favorite Album
I'm always on the lookout for great new albums. I'm not sayng these are all perfect but they've caught my attention and I believe are worth a listen. Maybe they really will become my new favorite album...or yours!
Curated by Leon Bernstein
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Lucky Love

Lucky Love by Michael Seyer, released 14 February 2018

Hold my hand feel my love
But understand it's all just luck
No such thing as true love
Its all just luck, Lucky Love

But that don't make love weak, it's unique
The chances that we'd meet and just speak
A million ways they give just to live
And i'm just lucky this is it, this is it.

Plant your feet, take this dance
In the grand scheme, it's all just chance
No such thing as true love
It's all just luck, Lucky Love

But that don't make love weak, it's unique
The chances that we'd meet and just speak
A million ways they give just to live
And i'm just lucky this is it, this is it.
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Freedom's Goblin, by Ty Segall

Freedom's Goblin by Ty Segall, released 26 January 2018

1. Fanny Dog
2. Rain
3. Every 1's A Winner
4. Despoiler Of Cadaver
5. When Mommy Kills You
6. My Lady's On Fire
7. Alta
8. Meaning
9. Cry Cry Cry
10. Shoot You Up
11. You Say All The Nice Things
12. The Last Waltz
13. She
14. Prison
15. Talkin 3
16. The Main Pretender
17. I'm Free
18. 5 Ft. Tall
19. And, Goodnight

"Freedom's Goblin" flies us around the soundworld of Ty Segall in nineteen tracks, allowing him to do a bit everything for the free and the goblins of Freedom alike! Deep impact rock of all shapes and sizes and some of the most violent, passionate, funny and free pop songs of 2018.
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Negro es el Poder, by Mohama Saz

Negro es el Poder by Mohama Saz, released 08 March 2017

1. El Sultán de El Pozo
2. Hueso y Luz
3. Negro es el Poder
4. Viyan
5. Oro Cíngaro
6. Cuando llegue el día
7. Mañana en las Montañas
8. De entrada, no
9. Ajde Jano

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How The West Was Won, by Peter Perrett

How The West Was Won by Peter Perrett, released 30 June 2017

1. How The West Was Won
2. An Epic Story
3. Hard To Say No
4. Troika
5. Living In My Head
6. Man Of Extremes
7. Sweet Endeavour
8. C Voyeurger
9. Something In My Brain
10. Take Me Home

Peter Perrett - former frontman of The Only Ones - releases his debut solo album How The West Was Won.
Perrett, whose incisive songcraft and sardonic drawl made him one of the most distinctive voices of the Seventies hasn’t released any music for 20 years. Bearing in mind his most famous song began “I always flirt with death” (The Only Ones‘ Another Girl, Another Planet), this is one comeback that nobody saw coming.
In the hands of certain songwriters, a story of resurrection and redemption might ring a little hollow, but when the songwriter is Peter Perrett, the usual rules have never applied.
Perrett makes each song on How The West Was Won sound natural and effortless, as though he were continuing a briefly interrupted conversation rather than picking up the threads of a solo career that faltered two decades ago. He claims to have barely touched a guitar in the decade between The One’s 1996 album Woke Up Sticky and the 2007 reunion of The Only Ones; with Perrett, a hiatus could so easily turn into a hibernation. Yet Perrett’s familiar voice sounds like it simply stepped out of the room for a few minutes and popped back in again.
Backed by his sons - Jamie and Peter Jr. on lead guitar and bass respectively - and produced by Chris Kimsey (The Rolling Stones), Peter’s intuitive feel for words; his flair for idiosyncratic metaphors and his deadpan wit are all still as sharp as ever.
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Wild Imagination, by Sweet Baboo

Sweet Baboo

Wild Imagination, released 02 June 2017

1. The Gardener
2. Wild Imagination
3. Swallows
4. Badminton
5. Clear Blue Skies
6. The Night Gardener
7. Hold On
8. Pink Rainbow
9. Humberside
10. Californ-i-a

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Nev Cottee - Broken Flowers, by Nev Cottee

Nev Cottee - Broken Flowers by Nev Cottee, released 19 May 2017

1. Prelude
2. Open Eyes
3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
4. Be On Your Way
5. Nobody's Fool
6. When The Night Comes
7. Tired Of Love
8. The House Where I Live
9. City Lights

Made in Manchester, started in Made in Manchester, started in India and finished in Wales. Nev Cottee's Broken Flowers - A deeply cinematic, string-soaked album rich in atmosphere and brooding ambience.

A Psychedelic rapture, resigned with reflection and widescreen atmospherics amidst tales of heartbreak, melancholy and troubles to come
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Modern Phase, by HOAN

Modern Phase by HOAN, released 28 April 2017

1. Modern Phase
2. Inside Touch
3. Turbotime
4. Poise
5. Échange N.2
6. Technocrats
7. Ways to Love


Recorded and mixed by Patrick McDowall @ The Sound Hole.

Mastered by Richard Addison.

Thanks to Tessa K for singing on 'Inside Touch' and Matteo C for drumming on the whole dang thing.

HOAN is Alexander Nicol, Michael Heinermann, Oussama Laghzaoui, and Alexander Thibault.

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the vernes, by The Vernes

the vernes, by The Vernes | My New Favorite Album |

the vernes by The Vernes, released 03 March 2017

1. fcking drones
2. reykjavík 1972
3. eyes
4. untitled, no. 1
5. h. roark
6. canadian girl
7. summer's gone
8. l'été no. 2
9. why?
10. mama (i don't feel alright)
11. autumn leafs
12. frozen lakes
13. the curious cat's eyes
14. t h e c u r i o u s c a t p t 2 (dance club remix)
15. chasing down the sun

a collection of every song we recorded in our basement, year 1. Philadelphia, 2016
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EP 2, by ShitKid

EP 2 by ShitKid, released 03 March 2017

1. Sugar Town
2. Tropics
3. Fat-Mad-N-Gone
4. I Wanna Go To LA

ShitKid is the project of 24-year- old Åsa Söderqvist who made her debut last spring with a self-titled debut EP, which quickly propelled her into being one of the most talked about new acts in Sweden. Originally from the north of Sweden, Åsa moved to Gothenburg after high school, starting a feminist punk band and acting amongst other things, before turning inward and recording what would become her debut EP on a broken computer at home, while learning to use GarageBand. The end result was a distinct sound, mixing lo-fi sensibilities and catchy songwriting with Åsa’s unmistakeable vocals.

The three-track ShitKid EP was released via the Stockholm based label PNKSLM Recordings in the spring of 2016 to great acclaim, reaching far beyond its lo-fi confines to find fans at the likes of The FADER, Pigeons & Planes and SPIN internationally, while her debut single “Oh Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid” appeared on national TV in Sweden the morning after it was released. An expanded version of the debut EP was released in the summer of 2016, which saw ShitKid playing several Swedish festivals before making her debut international appearances in the fall, alternating between playing to full houses in London and monthly shows in her new hometown Stockholm.

Close to a year after first appearing, ShitKid is now getting ready to release her first new recordings since the debut EP, with her self-describing second EP "EP 2" arriving on March 3 via PNKSLM Recordings. Over four tracks it’s another lo-fi statement of intent, inviting the listener into ShitKid’s world and showcasing Åsa strength as a songwriter, with live favourite “Sugar Town” leading the charge. Soundwise it’s slightly clearer than before, but still very much the opposite to the slick pop dominating the musical landscape today.

ShitKid will follow the EP with her eagerly anticipated debut album later this year, and will be spending the spring and summer on the road with appearances at Roskilde Festival, The Great Escape, by:Larm and SPOT confirmed, with more UK and EU tour dates TBA.
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Saturday Night, by Tim Darcy

Saturday Night by Tim Darcy, released 17 February 2017

1. Tall Glass of Water
2. Joan Pt 1, 2
3. You Felt Comfort
4. Still Waking Up
5. First Final Days
6. Saturday Night
7. Found My Limit
8. Saint Germain
9. What'd You Release?
10. Beyond Me

Saturday Night, the first proper solo album from Tim Darcy (Ought), comes from one of those crossroads-type moments in life where one has to walk to the edge before knowing which way to proceed. Each track is woven to the next in a winding, complex journey through a charged, continuous present. There are love/love lost songs like the standout, almost-New Wave "Still Waking Up" in which a Smiths-esque melody builds upon an underbrush that recalls 60s AM pop and country. Darcy's unmistakable, commanding voice and lyrical phrasing are, as they are in Ought, an instrument here: vital to the entire affair. There's a line in "Tall Glass of Water," the album's Velvet Underground-nodding opening track, where Darcy asks himself a rhetorical question: "if at the end of the river, there is more river, would you dare to swim again?" He barely pauses before the answer: "Yes, surely I will stay, and I am not afraid. I went under once, I'll go under once again." That river shows up again and again in the lyrics of Saturday Night. It's about how wonderful it can be to feel in touch with that inner current. It's about how good it feels to make art, and how terrifying; how you don't always get to choose whether you're swimming or drowning as we grow and move through life, just that you're going to keep diving in. That's the impulse that links all the songs on Saturday Night, makes them glow.
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Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void), by Hand Habits

Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) by Hand Habits, released 10 February 2017

1. Flower Glass
2. Actress
3. Greater LA (scene)
4. In Between
5. All The While
6. Demand It
7. Cowboy (scene)
8. Sun Beholds Me
9. Book On How To Change
10. Time Hole (scene)
11. Nite Life
12. Bad Boy
13. New Bones

"Meg Duffy, aka Hand Habits, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Upstate New York. She has been putting her time in on the road and in the studio over the past two years with pacific northwest band Mega Bog, and the Kevin Morby Band, making an impression on everyone she comes across with her natural charisma and uncharted talent as a multi-instrumentalist. But let Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) be her open invitation to the world to step inside and take a much deeper look into who Duffy actually is. Tracked in an Upstate New York living room, then finished in her current home in Los Angeles - it is appropriate that this album was recorded by Meg herself - for Meg, who has an acute ear for detail, has touched every corner, has seen every vision 'til its end. Because of this, Wildly Idle feels incredibly intimate, like a secret between her and the listener. It hits soft, like warm water, and before you know it it is all around you - a bath, and Meg's whisper has made its way inside you. Like many bedroom-debuts before it (Microphones, Jessica Pratt, Little Wings, Grouper) let this be the first of many to come, for Meg has music in her touch - and this is only the beginning. But let us not look to the future now, but instead stand alongside her, our trust in her will, both humble before the void, with her first chorus as the mission statement; 'hold you like a flower, hold you like an hour glass'."- Kevin Morby
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Mystery Cove LP, by Monster Rally

Monster Rally
Booking Contact:
Label Contact:
Hunter Mack (
Licensing/Sync Inquiries:
Chris Burque (

Mystery Cove LP, released 11 November 2016

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FOR WHOM THE SCARECROWS by TR A NCE F ARℳ E RS 愛, released 31 October 2016

1. She's Made of Rainbows
2. Jeans Dream
3. Werewolf of Love
4. It Could Be Anyone
5. The Show
6. The Veil
7. Buddy
8. The Hold
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This Is It [EP], by ShitKid

This Is It [EP] by ShitKid, released 19 January 2018

1. Favourite Thing
2. Oh Me I'm Never
3. All My Fears
4. High Way
5. Spring Theory
6. Yooouuu

Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present ShitKid and This Is It, which will be arriving on January 19 on limited edition vinyl and digitally. ShitKid is the project of Swedish artist Åsa Söderqvist, and This Is It is the follow-up to her acclaimed debut LP Fish which arrived earlier this year to praise from the likes of NPR, Noisey, i-D, The FADER, Bandcamp and many more.

ShitKid first appeared in the spring of 2016 with a self-titled debut EP and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most exciting new acts out of Scandinavia, with a unique DIY-edge and an unwillingness to conform to what an artist is supposed to be she’s been hailed as an anti-pop star and an antidote to slick radio pop. After the success of the debut album and multiple tours around Europe, and slots at festivals like Roskilde, Way Out West, The Great Escape, ShitKid is now back with new music – her fourth collection of tracks in under two years.

This Is It is ShitKid’s strongest collection of tracks to date, while showcasing both a broader sound and a growth in songwriting, it retains the direct lo-fi qualities of her early recordings.
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Horse Blanket, by Posse


Horse Blanket, released 10 November 2017

1. Dream Sequence
2. Shiver
3. Keep Me Awake
4. Stupid Thing
5. Horse Blanket
6. Trapped

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Thx, by Lomelda

US booking:
UK/EU booking:
US press:
UK press:

Thx, released 08 September 2017

1. Interstate Vision
2. Bam Sha Klam
3. From Here
4. Thx
5. Out There
6. Far Out
7. Nvr
8. Nervous Driver
9. Mostly M.E.
10. Only World

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Jen Cloher, by Jen Cloher

Jen Cloher by Jen Cloher, released 11 August 2017

1. Forgot Myself
2. Analysis Paralysis
3. Regional Echo
4. Sensory Memory
5. Shoegazers
6. Strong Woman
7. Kinda Biblical
8. Great Australian Bite
9. Loose Magic
10. Waiting In The Wings
11. Dark Art

“It’s self-titled.” The three-word answer is all that Jen Cloher requires to describe her new album, a letter in triplicate addressed to themes of Music, Australia and Love. It’s the most honest album she’s ever written. Jen likes best to tell the truth.

'Jen Cloher' is the culmination of a period of artistic and personal growth in which the artist took her rightful place as the punk-rock figurehead of Melbourne’s famous DIY music scene. The NIDA graduate is now an outspoken advocate for artist rights, a label boss and band-leader, she also happens to be the partner of an internationally acclaimed songwriter. Cloher’s politics and her fascinating life-story are enough justification to take notice here, but it’s the music that will have you returning to this album again and again.

Cloher says: “It’s a classic rock album, recorded live in one room with minimal overdubs… I’m not too good at going into descriptive language around my own music but I suppose it is intimate without ever feeling too precious.”

The bulk of Cloher’s album was recorded in October 2016 by Greg Walker amidst the rolling greenery of rural Australia. The band that first played together on Cloher’s acclaimed third album, the Australian Music Prize nominated In Blood Memory, are now bold and assured. These are songs of distance and songs of driving, they are split here and there by the melodic intricacy of guitarist Courtney Barnett while drummer Jen Sholakis and bassist Bones Sloane add weight and space, playing only what is needed, leaving room for the songs to breathe, transform and soar.

The record was completed in March 2017 with Tom Schick at Jeff Tweedy’s famous ‘Loft’ Studios in the depths of Chicago’s winter.
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THIRD DAUGHTER, by doNormaal

THIRD DAUGHTER by doNormaal, released 11 July 2017

1. fraught (prod. Brakebill)
2. ego slave (prod. Luna God)
3. emotional (prod. TMLO)
4. okie doke (prod. Jack City)
5. gold rooster (prod. fish narc)
6. lyf so (prod. Fish Narc)
7. heat lullaby (prod. Wolftone)
8. my teacher ft. RVN (prod. Joe Valley)
9. batcave (prod. Dark Dred)
10. my little pony (prod. Joel)
11. adja (prod. Brakebill)
12. dodo (prod. OLD SLAB)
13. magic donormaal (prod. Mario Casalini)
14. buckle (prod. Brakebill)
15. revenge (prod. TMLO)
16. take a walk (prod. Fish Narc)
17. don't make me wait ft. Wolftone (prod. Wolftone)
18. ur side (prod. Bobby Davis)
19. grieves (prod. Brakebill)

doNormaal's sophomore full-length
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Indifferent World, by Steady Sun

Steady Sun

Indifferent World, released 07 June 2017

1. Indifferent World
2. Life At One Twenty Two
3. Television Eyes
4. Red Alarm
5. Far
6. Day Alone
7. Radish
8. Benthos
9. Imaginary Resource
10. Under The East River

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Love Is Love, by WOODS


Love Is Love, released 21 April 2017

1. Love Is Love
2. Bleeding Blue
3. Lost In A Crowd
4. Spring Is In The Air
5. Hit That Drum
6. Love Is Love (Sun On Time)

Recorded November – January 2017. Six new songs in 32 minutes.

“Wisdom comes with age, so it’s no surprise that Woods have grown more sage in the twelve years since they formed, expanding from sylvan drum circles into increasingly elaborate, transcendent psychedelia.”- Pitchfork

"We walked down streets and crammed onto trains, our faces masks of fear. Unsure how to react, we, collectively, did not react. We grieved for a country and an ideal we never thought would die. We grieved for a loss of certainty.

We argued about what we thought would happen. We preached understanding. We advocated for anger. Some people said that we’d at least get some incredible art, other people said that was a small view of a world we were quickly realizing we’d misunderstood. Everyone was right. Everyone was wrong. Art made in precarious times matters as much as we let it matter.

But what are we looking for from the art we enjoy? Escapism? A reckoning with harsh reality? A temporary shared hallucination? Music can heal because it presents the pain of being human as universal.

Love is Love was written and recorded in the two months immediately following the election, but it’s not a record borne entirely of angry, knee-jerk reaction to what America is becoming. Instead, it’s a meditation on love, and on what life means now. Taking cues from last year’s City Sun Eater in the River of Light, it feels very much like a record made from living, shoulder to shoulder, in a major city: weaving psychedelic swirls of guitar between languid horns reminiscent of the best Ethiopian jazz—Love is Love is a distinctly New York record. It is a document of protest in uncertain times and an open-hearted rejection of cynicism in favor of emotional honesty. It is bright, and then, unexpectedly, a little dark sometimes too.

There will be parts of life where we will watch as events unfold and we will feel helpless. We will not be sure of the future. On good days, we’ll have each other. On the bad ones, we’ll turn to the art that helps us feel something. Love is Love is a document of the new world we live in, proof that light can come from despair and hope is still possible. We just need a little help remembering it exists."- Sam Hockley-Smith
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Bad Posture, by John Andrews & The Yawns

Bad Posture by John Andrews & The Yawns, released 10 March 2017

1. Drivers
2. Old News
3. Windmill
4. Home is Just as Good as Anyplace (Biff Rose)
5. Painting a Picture
6. Relax
7. Homesick in Heaven
8. Audrey
9. The Sun Shines Different for You

Throughout his years of traveling, John Andrews has documented his life with his home recordings. His first record, Bit By The Fang, found him living in the amish country of Lancaster, PA. His latest record, Bad Posture finds him waving farewell to Pennsylvania & greeting the wooded hills of Barrington, NH. Sitting on top of one of these hills, coined Mt. Misery, is the colonial era farmhouse John now calls his home. This is where Bad Posture was born.
The songs were written slowly & quietly throughout the winter, usually late at night next to the wood stove for warmth. It was recorded in his barn with the doors ajar, welcoming the springtime. The humble recording gear invites the outside noises in. You can hear the crickets chirping with the occasional truck driving by. The songs themselves lend their hand like slow backwoods Beatles demos covered in a thin blanket of tape hiss. John’s voice lulls us in an earthy calmness as he sits hunched like a scarecrow over the piano.
Andrews’ band, The Yawns, has been crystallized with staples from the New England freak scene; Rachel Neveu & Lukas Goudreault (MMOSS/Soft Eyes) & Joey Schneider. All of who have been playing up in the free country for many years themselves and all of who call the same farmhouse home.
Over the past few years John has played as a session player on records by Woods, Widowspeak, EZTV & Kevin Morby as well as composing & recording with his band Quilt. Yet, the piano compositions on Bad Posture place him as a stand-out voice with this instrument. There are guitar-bands working in a similar territory as Andrews’, yet the focus on keys in many of the songs give the album a different temperament and a unique place amidst his peers. Windmill, Homesick In Heaven & Old News are three of the album cuts that boast this specific sense of multi-instrumentality. They wink at you with a Workingman’s Dead smile. The opener and lead-single, Drivers, showcases an older & wiser Andrews’ coming to terms with a new-found independence, the overdriven guitar echoing his home-state’s slogan, live free or die. “I don’t owe you no more.” Andrews hums.
Bad Posture was mixed with headphones at the foot of Emma Critchett's grave, who lived in the Yawns’ house during the 1800's. The record is an ode to her & all who have lived in this house. It also paints a picture of what it feels like to live in the “free-country” on the precipice of a rapidly changing political climate. Some folks go back to the woods to escape the harsh-realities of contemporary society, for Andrews it seems like he is diving head first into nature’s unknown, searching for love in the tundras of seclusion. When the cities become boring, we hop in our vehicles and drive to those places that are always beaming with newness. Bad Posture contains the anthems that will hold us over til’ we arrive.

- Shane Butler
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SMOKING (EP), by Tino Drima

SMOKING (EP) by Tino Drima, released 07 July 2016

1. i wanna be your mantra
2. wolf
3. interlewd
4. SF general hospital
5. on the rocks

Tino Drima is a cauldron of then, now, and what will be. There is grease, there is friction, there is high harmony, there are ripping beats, there are charmed humans parading onstage and in studio. There is a radio playing on the other side of the wall and Old Man Cooper has not left his apartment in over a month and it stinks. But this music does not, this music exudes class and classicism, and lifts you up and places you smack dab in the middle of newly decorated living room filled with Hummel figurines, a comfy couch, and the sound of dishes clinking and clanking in the kitchen sink just past the dining room. You want to stay, and you want to listen to the music, and you want to hang out, and you will stay up for as long as it lasts and maybe even longer, because it sounds so good and it smells like bacon over in that room now.

Tino Drima consists of Gregory DiMartino, Ryann Gonsalves, Rob Mills, Mackenzie Bunch, Grayson Converse, and Scott Huerta. Their names sound oddly like items of food.

Like most of us, they are fascinated by metadata. That is why the music they perform has been called Psyche Doo-Wop Hell Croon. It is a genre they respect, that they have pioneered, that will only get bigger and broader with time. Sort of like people.

Influences? Can, their Uncle Charlie, R.E.O. Speedwagon, Sonny Rollins, Italian prog rockers Premiata Forneria Marconi, and early ‘60s Brit girl duo the Caravelles.

Tino Drima’s new EP ‘Smoking’ is utterly fascinating, evokes all that is sensual about contemporary popular music, and will make you tingle with excitement. Or, in some cases, tinkle.

‘Smoking’ is good for you. And it always has been.
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EP, by Joy Again

EP by Joy Again, released 17 January 2017

1. Mistakes
2. Another Song About Ghosts
3. Sungazing
4. Winter Snakes
5. Necromancer

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Invisible Boy, by Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy, released 11 November 2016

1. All the Kids
2. Trespassing
3. Darling
4. Cadkin's Song
5. Strangers
6. Star Child
7. Boat of Gold
8. So Long Living
9. You Could Be Anything At All

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Delicate, by Hello Shark

Delicate by Hello Shark, released 30 September 2016

1. Alligator
2. Danny
3. Jackson Browne
4. Big Game
5. Wish We Talked Still
6. New Car
7. Fishing for Bats
8. New Jersey
9. Drake Night
10. Laugh It Off
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