The Latest and Greatest in Entertainment: Digital Books for Children | Digital Books for Children |

Digital books for children ( are quickly becoming the next big phenomenon in entertainment. These are multimedia storybooks available on iPad, Android, PC and Mac that offer kids interactive experiences with characters and stories from their favorite movies and television shows, like Garfield and Lazytown. This fun comes infused with a healthy but not overwhelming dose of education mixed with animations, causing these products to fall into the in-between category of "edutainment." This name encompasses all products that are made to entertain kids, but which still provide educational benefits. Digital books fall neatly under the "edutainment" category because of the content they offer and the design they come packaged in, which create a combination designed to appeal, entertain and educate.


The content and design of digital books appeals hugely to children. The selection of content starts with Garfield digital books for iPad (, Android, PC and Mac, and goes on to include Lazytown, The Bible, and Hello Kitty digital books for children. There is even a Kung Fu Panda 2 Digital Cookbook! This content comes from some of the most popular children's movies and television shows out there and thus immediately attract kids to trying out digital books. The fact that these books are available on computing devices is also a huge attraction, as children love to interact with new technologies, as much as adults do.


Once children are pulled into playing with digital books, content and design work together again to keep them entertained. Video clips from featured movies and television shows are embedded in the digital books, and children are able to watch them whenever they want, whether they are flipping through Garfield, The Bible stories, Hello Kitty or Lazytown digital books for iPad (, Android, PC and Mac.


Kids are not only entertained by this innovative use of content and design coupled with high quality animations, but they also receive some educational benefits. The storybook format of digital books for children allows them opportunities to improve their reading skills. Features like highlighted words, a magnifying glass, and recorded readings enhance the learning experience to make it effective in helping kids improve their literacy.


The winning combination of content and design in digital books thus appeals, entertains and educates kids, creating an exceptional "edutainment" experience for them. For those who haven't yet experienced the phenomenon, there's no time like now to check out digital books for children.