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Any business dealing directly with customers wants to make sure they can attract and maintain a customer as efficiently and rapidly as possible.




The problem is that many marketing automation and campaign management platforms are simply not equipped to collect and sift through this mountain of information to determine what’s relevant, and use that information to create and maintain a dialogue with the customer. Furthermore, some platforms don’t offer a single point of control to manage the dialogue simultaneously across channels.


The RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform™ was built from the ground up to enable marketers to solve this big data problem and foster an always-on, real-time dialogue. The RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform provides a 360 degree customer view by rapidly capturing, cleansing, resolving identities and integrating customer data from all sources, including physical, ecommerce, mobile, and social data domains like Facebook and Twitter. Armed with a complete picture of each customer, RedPoint’s campaign management and execution tools allow marketers to implement more effective, cross-channel marketing campaigns at a much lower cost, and up to 75% faster than existing approaches.

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