Graphic Design is Good for Business [Infographic] | Design Fennec fox |
Graphic design is good for business, so where do you start with making graphic designing your career?


The top five things to consider before moving for a graphic design position will be your job title, the location of the business, how much education is needed and if there are better prospects with more education, experience, where you work whether for yourself, a small business or a large design firm.

So, where are the best locations to put your graphic design skills to use? The top five cities include, Salt Lake City, Utah with an average salary being $55,064 with a cost of living rank at 98 and 30% of workforce in creative class. Next up we have San Antonio, Texas with an average salary of $46,203, Bridgeport, Connecticut with an average salary of $78,353, and Newark, New Jersey with an average salary of $40,000. And then we have Austin, Texas with an average salary of $54,827, a cost of living rank of 94, and a percentage of workforce in creative class of 36.8%.

A lot of graphic designers are self employed, 26.3% to be exactly. Want to make more money than you are already being a graphic designer? On average you’re making $48,000, but if you were an interactive designer you could be making $64,000, or even $99,000 if you were an information architect.

Now, more than ever, we face complex problems that designers are uniquely capable to solve by integrating technology, business and human factors. A few tips for web design and startup include responsive web design, bringing on a designer co-founder, making sure to stand out from the crowd, and having a pleasurable and functional goal is the overall experience. So from startup to big business, maximize your experience.