Twitter Headers We Can't Wait To See, and ENTER Your Twitter Header | design communication visual |

How often do you have a chance to beat major Internet marketing gurus at something? Rarely in my experience, but the new Twitter header is a revolution happening NOW. Spend less than 5 minutes changing yours this weekend. This link includes:

* How To Change Instruction links.

* ENTER our #TwitHeadContest (use that hashtag and @Atlanticbt)

* List of cool examples from FOM (Friends of Martin and several Top 10 posts).

* List of cool gurus and experts we can't wait to see what they do with their new headers (@gdecugis is on that list :).

Rock The Tweet! DEADLINE is Monday for submissions and then we will start some serious voting. See a friend with a cool Header? Enter 'em.

Tweet anything wiht #TwitHeadContest and @Atlanticbt and we will include your ideas, friends and cool finds.

See an evolving Twitter Header BEST PRACTICE? Tell us and we will include it.



Via Jim Doyle, Abdul Ghaffar