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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Check My Colours 

Check My Colours  | Design Arena |


What is CheckMyColours?

It is a tool for checking foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements and determining if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits.



 Analyse the colors of any webpage to verify the contrast and ensure better accessibility.


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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

100 brilliant color combinations and how to apply them to your designs 

100 brilliant color combinations and how to apply them to your designs  | Design Arena |


A stunning collection of color palettes inspired by food, nature, travel and everyday items.


Free to download in Canva!



Post Image 

Post Image 


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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Vectr ➽ Free Online Vector Graphics Editor

Vectr  ➽ Free Online Vector Graphics Editor | Design Arena |


Free vector graphics editor.


A simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool for everyone.


Vectr helps you create vector graphics easily and intuitively.


Vectr brings your designs into reality.



Quick to Learn, Easy to Use 


☞ A URL for Every Desig


Scale designs to any size without losing clarity 


Free Forever


Open Roadmap 




How To Create a Stunning Business Card 



Post Image


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Piskel  (⊙.⊙(☉̃ₒ☉)⊙.⊙)

Piskel  (⊙.⊙(☉̃ₒ☉)⊙.⊙) | Design Arena |


Piskel, free online sprite editor.


A simple web-based tool for Spriting and Pixel art. Create pixel art, game sprites and animated GIFs. Free and open-source.


Create animations in your browser. Try an example


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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

The horse that saved his own life by painting♞

The horse that saved his own life by painting♞ | Design Arena |


He was once a champion, but it looked as if ill health would soon mean the end for Metro. Then his owner had an unusual idea...


And now aged 14, it seems Metro has no inclination to slow down.

"There's something about painting which really interests Metro," ...


"I don't think he'll ever get tired of it."...



It's said that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. So when Ron Krajewski first introduced his horse, Metro, to an easel there was no guarantee he would paint.


After all, this horse had been struggling with health problems since he was adopted by Ron and his wife in 2009. Metro had once been a successful racehorse - as Metro Meteor, he won eight races and $300,000 (£234,000) prize money at the prestigious Belmont Park. However, he was retired by his stable after bone chips in his knees caused permanent damage...


"I didn't just want to put him out to pasture and forget about him. I was thinking about how we could spend time together," Ron says.


He had noticed that his spirited horse liked to bob his head to get attention and pick things up in his mouth. A professional artist himself, Ron wondered if he could convince Metro to hold a paintbrush.


"I taught him to touch his nose to the canvas for horse treats, then to hold a paint brush," Ron says.


"Metro's brush strokes are nothing a human can make, because he doesn't think about what he will do before he does it. His strokes are thick, random and sometimes broken, which lets other colours show through. It all just vibrates on the canvas," Ron says.




More about Metro




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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Bringing childish monsters to life ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

Bringing childish monsters to life ☜(ˆ▿ˆc) | Design Arena |


What is the Monster Project?

Kids draw monsters, then artists from all over the world recreate them in their own styles! We hope to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential.


Behold! Over 100 monsters created by kids and artists from all over the world! A huge thanks to the kids for dreaming up these crazy creatures and another to our artists for making them come to life. 

The 2016 Monster Gallery





How is it done?

"We simply invite Elementary students to draw monsters. Once their creations have taken shape, we bring them to life in our own artistic styles.


Then, when we deliver these new interpretations back to the students in person, we are able to demonstrate new art techniques within their original creative context.


They are able to see what their idea sparked in others."





Find out more >>> ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)



Monsters Past




Katie  Johnosn is speaking



Katie: A huge part of the project is sharing the importance of art education. Schools are continuing to undervalue art ed and are increasingly cutting art out of their budgets. It's happening in the school districts we work with–it's happening everywhere. I get emails from New Zealand, Canada, Germany–all saying they see it in their schools, too. The more people who hear our message, the more support art education has.  




On kickstarter



 (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)☞ Indeed Artist and designer Katie Johnson has a thing for monsters... ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっl





> Supportive

✿◕ ‿ ◕









Post Image


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Rescooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr from GO Sustainable GO Versatile!

Windows Inspired by Spider Webs

Windows Inspired by Spider Webs | Design Arena |


Patterned UV coating on glass is invisible to humans—but not to birds...


Each day, more than 250,000 birds in Europe die from collisions with glass windows—and annual estimates in the U.S. run into the millions.


Birds either don’t see the glass, or they see reflections—of trees, for example—in the glass that make them fly into it.


In an attempt to reduce the number of fatal bird strikes, the German company Arnold Glas developed a new kind of insulated glass with a patterned UV coating that mimics how spiders keep birds from flying into their webs (Inspired by orb weaver spiders Araneidae], one of the largest families of spiders). 


The special reflective coating appears almost transparent to humans but is clearly visible to birds because they can see UV light.


Some species also incorporate UV-reflective silk strands into their webs, creating so-called decorations to attract insects and to distract or warn larger animals, including birds. This helps prevent the destruction of the spider’s web and its temporary loss of ability to capture prey.


Independent field testing by Dr. Hans-Willy Ley from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology showed that 76 percent of birds avoided the Ornilux panel and instead flew toward the conventional glass panel.








Post Image


Mhd.Shadi Khudr's curator insight, September 7, 2016 1:45 PM


A  sad picture... May be an eye-opener... See this relevant material on audubon:

Bird vs Building Portraits of Flight Gone Wrong


Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Bringing home a robot baby

Bringing home a robot baby | Design Arena |


Roboticist Angelica Lim programmes robots to be more human - what happened when she brought one home?


Jenny Brusk didn't know what she was letting herself in for when she enrolled in a university Masters course in computing in 1990.


She went on to become Sweden's first female games developer but she was often mistaken for the company receptionist. The experience made her stronger. She says, "rather than go hide somewhere in the office I would fill my space".


Jenny is now researching how game characters can be made more psychologically realistic by using natural speech, gossip and lies. She is also the founder of DONNA, an organisation which aims to attract more women into the games industry.


Roboticist Angelica Lim is a self-professed 'geek' who programmes robots to have more 'human' traits, like compassion and empathy.


She has lived, baked biscuits and made music with a robot, all in the name of research.


The goal is creating the perfect companion robot which might provide help and therapy to the elderly or provide assistance at home to anyone.


At some points when she was sharing her home with the robot, Angelica found herself questioning the relationship asking, "is it my servant or is it my kid?"... URL


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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Create Your Own Superhero

Create Your Own Superhero | Design Arena |

Create your own superhero with Marvel's Superhero Avatar Creator!

Name your superhero, mix and match costumes of all your favorite Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine ...

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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Evil Icons

Evil Icons | Design Arena |

Simple and clean SVG icon pack with the code to support Rails, Sprockets, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt and CDN.

Free & Open

Evil Icons are completely free and licensed under MIT. We use Evil Icons in almost all of our new and upcoming sites — and we would love you to do that as well. Contributions are welcome!

Free ‘plug and play’ set of SVG icons designed specifically for web projects. Available as a Ruby gem, a Node.js package and Grunt/Gulp plugins. Just use icon names with your templates and styles — and all the rest will be done automagically.

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✎ Sketch Toy ✎ Draw sketches and share replays with friends!

✎ Sketch Toy ✎ Draw sketches and share replays with friends! | Design Arena |

Sketch Toy is a free online drawing application that lets you share step-by-step replays of your work with friends.

No sign up needed.

 CTRL+Z to undo, CTRL+E to toggle eraser.

 Left/right keyboard arrows to rotate in 3D.

 Drag an image from your desktop onto the canvas to draw a stencil.

Get the Sketch Toy app for Google Chrome

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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Free Watercolor Textures

Free Watercolor Textures | Design Arena |

Adding realistic watercolor effects can be a great way to enhance your web and graphic design.

Here is a set of 4 watercolor textures that can be downloaded for free.

With the help of these textures you can easily add beautiful watercolor effects to your own work.

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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Building Barbapapa

Building Barbapapa | Design Arena |

This workshop is part of the Transformer project and was done in collaboration with Marcel Bilow/Buckylab and Ulrich Knaack/Facade Research Group.

Utopian yet practical

The Transformer project is one of the most utopian and at the same time one of the most practical projects of the Why Factory. It is based on a hypothetical material.

Various research institutions are busy with the idea of programmable matter.

But it is unlikely that such a material will be available for large-scale usage within the coming ten or twenty years. At the same time, the Transformer includes very practical, scientific strategies in the field of ergonomics, interactive design and negotiation which are related to furniture, building and urban design.

◎ The Transformer Project  


(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Greeting to Barbapapa

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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

The growroom: IKEA open sources spherical garden ⚘

The growroom: IKEA open sources spherical garden ⚘ | Design Arena |


SPACE10 has designed 'the growroom', a spherical structure that enables people to grow their own food in a local and sustainable manner.


In october 2016, SPACE10, IKEA’s external innovation hub, launched the growroom — a spherical structure that enables people to grow their own food in a local and sustainable manner. soon afterwards, people from around the world contacted the company with requests to buy or exhibit the scheme. however, the team believed that shipping the design large distances didn’t align with the organization’s desire to promote local food production.


consequently, SPACE10 has now released the growroom as open source design that can be built with just a rubber hammer, 17 sheets of plywood, and a CNC milling machine. produced from only one material, and conceived as serious alternative to the global food model, the design focuses on making assembly as easy and as intuitive as possible. built as a sphere, the overlapping slices of the free-standing pavilion ensure that water and light can reach vegetation on every level....







To build your own:

17-step instructions on GitHub, and further info is available via Medium.



Is this spherical vertical garden the future of urban farming?



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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Momentum ☜ Personal Dashboard New Tab Replacement Chrome Extension    

Momentum ☜ Personal Dashboard New Tab Replacement Chrome Extension     | Design Arena |


Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring todo, weather, and inspiration.


Momentum is a personal dashboard designed to eliminate distraction and provide inspiration, focus, and productivity.


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Türchen...Your free online advent calendar ❣

Türchen...Your free online advent calendar ❣ | Design Arena |


Your free digital advent calendar!


❣ What is Türchen?

One of the most beautiful things of the Advent season is the day-to-day growing anticipation for the magical Christmas holiday.


In order to surprise your friends and family with more than just gingerbread, you can create an individual advent calendar yourself with Türchen.


Fill your advent calendar online and send it to someone you want to give a Christmas surprise! Funny Youtube videos, crazy gifs or other curious objects from the Internet (links, texts, photos, music) can be hidden behind the doors.


Day after day, the recipient can open a new one of your filled doors and be amazed.


You can customize the design of each calendar and personalize it according to your wishes. Simply design, fill and spread (pre-Christmas) joy!


☃ Create your own Türchen calendar


☃ Beautify your calendar creation


☃ Make your loved ones happy



Post Image


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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Gravit Designer... One tool to rule them all

Gravit Designer... One tool to rule them all | Design Arena |


A cross-platform design tool for the 21st century
Gravit Designer is a full featured free vector design app right at your fingertip.
Enjoy a clean, intuitive interface that adjusts itself exactly the way you expect it.
Powerful tools to unleash your creativity
Enjoy a free powerful design tool on any platform
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The art of grafting...Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit❁✾✿❀


Sam Van Aken, an artist and professor at Syracuse University, uses "chip grafting" to create trees that each bear 40 different varieties of stone fruits, or fruits with pits.


The grafting process involves slicing a bit of a branch with a bud from a tree of one of the varieties and inserting it into a slit in a branch on the "working tree," then wrapping the wound with tape until it heals and the bud starts to grow into a new branch.


Over several years he adds slices of branches from other varieties to the working tree. In the spring the "Tree of 40 Fruit" has blossoms in many hues of pink and purple, and in the summer it begins to bear the fruits in sequence—Van Aken says it's both a work of art and a time line of the varieties' blossoming and fruiting.


He's created more than a dozen of the trees that have been planted at sites such as museums around the U.S., which he sees as a way to spread diversity on a small scale.


Tree of 40 fruit   


The tree of forty fruits | Sam Van Aken | TEDxManhattan




,     ,     ,    





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3D Slicer

3D Slicer | Design Arena |


3D Slicer is:

  • A software platform for the analysis (including registration and interactive segmentation) and visualization (including volume rendering) of medical images and for research in image guided therapy.
  • A free, open source software available on multiple operating systems: Linux, MacOSX and Windows
  • Extensible, with powerful plug-in capabilities for adding algorithms and applications.


Features include:

  • Multi organ: from head to toe.
  • Support for multi-modality imaging including, MRI, CT, US, nuclear medicine, and microscopy.
  • Bidirectional interface for devices.


There is no restriction on use, but Slicer is not approved for clinical use and intended for research. Permissions and compliance with applicable rules are the responsibility of the user. 


Training <<<<<



Post Image


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20 Inspiring Minimalist Portfolio Designs 

20 Inspiring Minimalist Portfolio Designs  | Design Arena |


If you have a passion for white space and love sharp, clean design, the minimalist style would probably be right up your alley.


In minimalist design, the main focus is on the content instead of heavy design effects.


Basically, it does as the name suggets by keeping it simple.


There's a lot of potential for minimalist design in plenty of areas.


As an artist, one of the ways you can use this is by incorporating it into your design portfolio.…


Take a look at these 20 elegant and sleek minimalist portfolio designs...



Post Image


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Thingiverse | Design Arena |


Thingiverse is a universe of things. Explore, Learn, Create and Download files and build them with your lasercutter, 3D printer, or CNC....


What is Thingiverse?

MakerBot's Thingiverse is a thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things.


As the world's largest 3D printing community, we believe that everyone should be encouraged to create and remix 3D things, no matter their technical expertise or previous experience.



We need your brilliant designs. Get on a 3D modeling program and/or 3D scanner and start to create, construct, and innovate! Build something cool, useful, or just fun. Then upload the file to Thingiverse and tell us all about it.



Show us what you made: the world wants to see it! 3D modeling and printing is still in its infancy. The more you share your work, the more your designs inspire others, get printed, and do awesome things.



The Thingiverse community has uploaded over 579,150 3D models, and that number is growing every day. Check out all the incredible objects people have created, and get inspired to make your own!



In the spirit of maintaining an open platform, all designs are encouraged to be licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning that anyone can use or alter any design.



Post Image


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Ink: A Responsive Email Framework from ZURB

Ink: A Responsive Email Framework from ZURB | Design Arena |

How HTML email was meant to be read.

Reach out your tentacles to a broad range of people who subscribe to your emails.

This  CSS framework helps you craft HTML emails that can be read anywhere on any device.

Gone are the days where you had to choose between Outlook and email optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Ink's responsive, 12-column grid blends flexibility and stability so your readers can view your emails perfectly from wherever they may be.

Discover the world of Ink

Learn more about how to use Ink, or dive right in and start coding emails responsively.


We are constantly improving Ink to help make Emails easier for everyone

Responsive Email Design Training

Responsive Email Design is daily practiced at ZURB, sending out 10 email newsletter campaigns a month and creating email templates for clients.

Ink is built to help us and others send emails.

This course covers the basics that designers and developers — even marketers — should know to get started with responsive emails.

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PodRide  | Design Arena |


PodRide is a four wheeled bicycle with full body, giving a dry and safe ride in all weathers.


Run the electric motor and just Cruise along or turn it off and exercise, bike to work all winter, park free in the city center, skip the traffic jams, use both roads and bike paths, no uncomfortable saddle, no driver’s license, cheape to run and great for the environment.



Technical data:
Height: 180cm                     Width: 75cm
Height: 145cm                     Seat Height: 50cm
Weight: 70kg                        Wheel: 20inch tires
Wheelbase: 88 cm             Turning radius: 1.75m
Motor: 250W electric      Gears: 14 speeds hub
Range: 60km                         Speed: 25km/h
Co2 emissions: 7g/km (EU-electricity mix)
(car 140g/km, Electric car 70g/km)


On indiegogo


On mashable



Post Image



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Krita .... Digital Painting.... Creative Freedom

Krita .... Digital Painting.... Creative Freedom | Design Arena |


What is Krita?


Krita is a FREE sketching and painting program.


It was created with the following types of art in mind:

Concept art

Texture or matte painting

Illustrations and comics


There are a lot of great features that can help you make art.


User Interface

Brush Stabilizers

Pop-up Palette

Brush Engines

Wrap-around mode

Resource Manager

Drawing Assistants

Mirroring Tools

Layer Management


Layer Masks  

Full Color Management  

OpenGL Enhanced  

PSD Support  

HDR Support  

Transform Tools  

Training Resources  

Color Palette


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Scooped by Mhd.Shadi Khudr!

Free mobile & web prototyping for designers – Marvel (̶◉͛‿◉̶)

Free mobile & web prototyping for designers – Marvel (̶◉͛‿◉̶) | Design Arena |

Turn sketches and designs into interactive web, iPhone, iPad, Android and Apple Watch prototypes and mockups.

Collaborate with your team and get feedback. No coding required.


(っ^▿^) Win pitches.

(っ^▿^) Impress clients. Bring your ideas to life.

(っ^▿^) Create and share beautifully presented desktop & mobile prototypes


Prototypes powered by Dropbox syncing.

(っ^▿^) Work on projects with your team


Export prototypes as Android Apps


(っ^▿^) Sketch and Photoshop support

(っ^▿^) Turn sketches into prototypes too!

"Small team. Big ideas.

We’re on a mission to build a tool that allows anyone to bring their digital ideas to life."

Mhd.Shadi Khudr's insight:

Simple, Fast and Free Prototyping for everyone

Get unlimited projects free. Get started.

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