Pantone Colors 2013: Interior Design Inspiration in 2013's Top Colors Trends | Design and Lifestyle |

Looking ahead to 2013′s color trends? Pantone’s color palette for 2013 will have us calming down with plenty of cool blues and greens both in our closets and in our homes.


From SheFinds: Move over, Tangerine Tango. You served us well this year, but it’s time for a new range of colors. Next season, we’ve got our collective eye on the other side of the color spectrum (or at least Pantone says so). The hues, Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue, Emerald and Grayed Jade, are aquatic and calming, and they conveniently look ahh-mazing alongside the camels, linens and eggshell whites of summer. Win-win! Get ready to see a LOT of this color.

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