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Agency Theory: Because what use is data, if it doesn't lead to actions?

Agency Theory: Because what use is data, if it doesn't lead to actions? | Decision Intelligence News |

Agency Theory: The existence of massive data sets in many arenas is creating new challenges. Most people know about the issue of spurious correlations that do not represent true cause-and-effect. However a second challenge is more insidious and costly: this is the expense – which can run into the billions of dollars – of managing data that does not lead to actionable and valuable outcomes for an organization. For this reason, organizations that can identify the 20% of data that represents 80% of value realize a substantial advantage.

In this talk, I introduce Agency Theory, which is a mathematical framework for analyzing decision models to solve this problem. Agency theory borrows key ideas from machine learning, to solve a different purpose: rather than finding a set of parameters that best fits a data set, the objective is to find a set of decisions that leads to the most favorable set of outcomes, along with the data that is most valuable in supporting those decisions.

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Please join my Quantellia cofounder Mark Zangari in Seattle on May 1.  This is a landmark talk.  I'll be there too.

James Dolan's curator insight, March 8, 2015 12:30 PM

this is a more general problem affecting how we translate clinical research into practice and organize health systems that is too rarely discussed.

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