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Decision Intelligence News
AI/BI/CI/DI: Decision intelligence (DI) solves the world's most complex problems by connecting actions to outcomes.  It connects collaborating human decision makers to knowledge and also to technologies like machine learning, AI, deep learning, visual decision modeling, complex systems modeling, big data, predictive analytics, UX design, statistical analysis, business intelligence, business process management, causal reasoning, evidence-based analysis, and more. See For an overview, see the webinar at,, and the Decision Intelligence group:   Also, my company offers DI and machine learning consulting services.  See to learn more.  Don't miss the latest DI news! Sign up at
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December 20, 2022 12:58 PM!

Is "Insights" the right way to think about the value of data?

Is "Insights" the right way to think about the value of data? | Decision Intelligence News |

"Though it’s the stock response, 'insights' is precisely the wrong way to think about how an advance in AI will create value. In fact, we feel that 'insights' often is code for 'We don’t know what to do with our AI’s predictions.'

A much better answer would be to describe the decisions that the predictions will improve, because AI has value only if it leads to better decision-making."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

In examining how AI predictions affect decisions, this article goes beyond the need to focus on decisions vs. "insights". Because insights don't get you all the way to understanding the impact of your actions on outcomes.

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November 15, 2022 12:26 PM!

Software to Help Users Think

Software to Help Users Think | Decision Intelligence News |

"So here’s a question for you: does the software system you’re building help people to 'do', or to think, or both? 

And if it helps them to think, then do you understand how they think today? Do you know what’s natural to them? Are you asking them to learn to think in an entirely different way, just to use your system? Or have you learned – like the great 'doing' software designers of the last century – that it’s your job to start with the user, to meet them where they’re at?"

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future is AI
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September 16, 2022 12:37 PM!

What-if Scenarios in DI

What-if Scenarios in DI | Decision Intelligence News |

"Beyond decision making, the Decision Intelligence Platforms allow to work in what-if mode. The idea is to change the parameters generating the scenarios, to change the set of constraints to be respected as well as the objectives to be optimized.


By controlling this scenario generation at a very high level, it becomes possible to analyze potential futures, and to draw the most profitable one for a company."


Excerpt translated by (free version)

Lorien Pratt's insight:

Saupin and Schiessl's article highlights the importance of simulating scenarios to generate "data from the future" in DI.

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August 30, 2022 12:51 PM!

"Empower people to lead change towards a safe, responsible and sustainable world"

"Empower people to lead change towards a safe, responsible and sustainable world" | Decision Intelligence News |

“We are reimagining how technology, society and the environment are connected, and how we can empower people to lead change towards a safe, responsible and sustainable world for humans, non-humans and the environment, and map the transformations required at individual, organisational and community levels…


…Our program is about comfort in complexity. We won’t be teaching you to manage, reduce or simplify complexity—we will show you how to lead well in a space where you cannot know the whole system or have all the information.”

Lorien Pratt's insight:

Kudos to Australian National University’s School of Cybernetics for offering a management program that takes a systems approach to leadership.

TamirBashkin's comment, August 31, 2022 7:22 AM
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July 29, 2022 12:28 PM!

Decision Intelligence Market Next Big Thing | Major Giants Quantellia, IBM, Aeye, Busigence Technologies –

Decision Intelligence Market Next Big Thing | Major Giants Quantellia, IBM, Aeye, Busigence Technologies – | Decision Intelligence News |

"The Latest Released Decision Intelligence market study has evaluated the future growth potential of Decision Intelligence market and provides information and useful stats on market structure and size... The study includes market share analysis and profiles of players such as IBM (United States), Aeye (United States), Busigence Technologies (United States), Aera Technolog (United States), (United Kingdom), Tellius, Inc. (United States), PYRAMID ANALYTICS (Netherlands), Pegasystems Inc. (United States), Quantellia LLC. (United States) and Diwo (United States).

Decision intelligence is a practical domain that encompasses a broad range of decision-making techniques, bringing together multiple traditional and advanced disciplines to design, model, align, execute, monitor, and tune decision models and processes... It is outcome-oriented and must meet commercial objectives... It enables data to be collected and machine learning models to be used to predict accurate outcomes for optimal commercial decision-making."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

Quantellia is pleased to be recognized as a DI "major giant".

Ardee's article presents one of several DI market reports that have appeared recently spotlighting the developing DI market.

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November 15, 2022 12:39 PM!

Data-driven decision making will fail – and here is why

Data-driven decision making will fail – and here is why | Decision Intelligence News |

"In March 2020, the NHS needed to make life-or-death decisions on the back of understanding whether curves were trending up or down. For the first time ever, they connected data flows from across the entire system.

That is a potentially overwhelming amount of data – but, crucially, they weren’t paralysed by this sudden torrent... Why was that?

Well, working alongside the NHS, we applied approaches from a nascent field called decision intelligence. We used this data to build the understanding the NHS needed to make confident decisions about which hospital wards to open or close, and which resources to send where.

Rather than just showing data on current levels of patient demand, we could also show demand for tomorrow or next month, the reasons why demand was changing, how that affected resources such as beds or ventilators, and what actions they could take.

Rather than making decisions on data alone, the NHS made them on an understanding of how and why events were unfolding. The collective results have been widely credited with saving thousands of lives."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

As Marc Warner points out, DI lets us create models, develop understanding about the behavior of these models, and use them to create the "data from the future" we need to make better decisions. 

Aman shastry's comment, January 17, 6:47 AM
great article, its absolutely true
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October 28, 2022 1:11 PM!

2022 Total Economic Impact Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi

2022 Total Economic Impact Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi | Decision Intelligence News |

"According to study participants, Gurobi enables them to solve problems significantly faster than open-source solvers, other commercial solvers, and spreadsheet-based optimization tools. Specifically, participants reported that Gurobi reaches optimality 10x faster than other commercial solvers."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

This article focuses on optimization: an important element of the DI technology stack. Decision modeling lets us identify the outcomes we want, available actions, causal chains from actions to outcomes, and the data, models, and human expertise that inform causal chains from action to outcomes. Once we have a decision modeling, simulation and optimization then lets us use the model to explore decision behavior and find the best actions to take to achieve our outcomes.

In the future we'll see optimization tools like those from Gurobi integrated with the other elements of the DI stack, following an emerging industry architecture.

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September 6, 2022 12:42 PM!

Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic selects a Senior Scientific Technical Manager for DI

Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic selects a Senior Scientific Technical Manager for DI | Decision Intelligence News |

"The DI SSTM is tasked with turning data into better actions at scale for decision advantages across all naval missions from the battlespace to the board room and applied data and artificial intelligence (AI) efforts ensuring U.S. competitive advantage with data and AI teams and technologies. The DI SSTM is leading the effort to revolutionize Naval decision-making through the rapid delivery of disruptive analytics-driven, data-informed, and technology-empowered capabilities centered on the cognitive overmatch capabilities of a human-machine team. Recognizing the importance of data/AI in the future naval force, through the innovative work being done NIWC Atlantic has earned recognition as the Navy leader in building the right data/AI capabilities for the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Navy (DoN)."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

The Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic's selection of a Senior Scientific Technical Manager for Decision Intelligence is more evidence that DI is gaining recognition. Leading edge segments of both government and industry are adopting DI for its ability to integrate people and technology for better decisions.

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July 29, 2022 12:43 PM!

How AI and Decision Intelligence are changing the way we work

How AI and Decision Intelligence are changing the way we work | Decision Intelligence News |

"Organizations may contain another kind of silo as well, in the form of employees who alone hold unique information and expertise in their heads. Artificial intelligence can quantify individual knowledge and experience and convert it into data-driven insights, ready to be leveraged on demand across the organization. ...

In the important practice of decision intelligence, AI gives people tools to capture and share their own knowledge instantly and learn from one another’s experiences, helping businesses expand their institutional knowledge simply, organically and successfully."

Lorien Pratt's insight:

VentureBeat highlights two important aspects of DI: sharing information across silos and the importance of human knowledge and expertise in decision making.

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May 4, 2022 12:51 PM!

DI: A New Lever for Business Success

DI: A New Lever for Business Success | Decision Intelligence News |

"Decision intelligence (DI) is a new field that uses technology to support, augment and automate business decisions. DI was popularized in Lorien Pratt’s 2019 book, Link, and identified by Gartner as one of the most impactful technology trends for 2022...


Decision intelligence is a new lever for business success in our modern times, and the paths to implement it are clear. Has your company already started its journey toward decision intelligence?"

Lorien Pratt's insight:

Forbes has covered DI for a number of years; here's the latest. With companies like Gartner and Google recognizing how DI is an essential link in the chain from data and AI, to actions, to measurable outcomes, DI is at a unique point in the history of an emerging field, it's “crossing the chasm” from early adopters into widespread adoption.